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‘Aging Out’ Of Insurance: Help For 20-Somethings

young adult graphicImagine you’re 25 and fairly new to the working world. You’re covered by your parents’ insurance — but only for a few more months. You don’t have benefits through your own job yet, and when you turn 26, you won’t be covered by a parent’s plan.

What now?

Too often, young adults let their dental care lapse at this point. They feel young and healthy, and the idea of acquiring insurance on their own is daunting.

Fast-forward a couple years, and that formerly healthy young patient now has a host of dental problems. There’s a good chance they’ve got a tooth or two that’s giving them pain, because they’ve stopped coming in for their biannual cleanings and checkups.

These young patients end up needing treatment that’s more costly and time-consuming than preventive care would’ve been. This is why dentists sometimes say, “dental care isn’t expensive — neglect is.”

It’s also why Future of Dentistry created a Membership Program. It’s designed exclusively for patients without dental insurance. Our Membership Program is simple, with a flat annual fee and no deductibles.

All three of our Membership plans cover essential preventive care, including:

  • 2+ cleanings/checkups
  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Unlimited oral exams
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Intra-oral camera exam
  • Laser cavity detection
  • Emergency consultations
  • Cosmetic consultations

In addition, Members receive at least 15% off numerous services and treatment — ranging from fillings to whitening and beyond. Membership empowers many millennials to maintain a healthy, sparkling smile for years to come.

Our Membership Program isn’t the only solution for 20-somethings who don’t have their own benefits. Whatever you choose, please avoid the temptation to delay dental care. Studies show that poor oral health is linked to a worrisome number of systemic diseases and conditions. To be healthy overall, it’s simply essential to have a healthy mouth.

If “aging out of insurance” is an issue for you, or your child, please click here to learn more or call our office at 781-285-3525. We’d be happy to answer any questions.

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