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Brain Injury Awareness: The Role of Mouthguards

From the NFL to local schools, there is increased awareness of the damage caused by concussions. Health experts are still researching and trying to better understand the health implications of mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI).

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. It’s an appropriate time to focus on this important issue, since families begin to think about registration and equipment for the spring sports season.

mouthguard_used in blog only

People often splurge on the best helmet — but what about the quality of the mouth guard attached to it?

In a recent study, high school football players wearing store-bought mouth guards were more than twice as likely to suffer MTBI/concussions compared to those wearing custom-made, properly fitted mouth guards.

While the study focused on one sport, it demonstrates that “boil and bite” mouth guards purchased over the counter aren’t as effective as customized ones created by a dental professional.

As some of you may know, Future of Dentistry offers special programs to make mouth guards more affordable for the families of young student athletes. A patient from Wakefield recently said to our staff, “It’s too bad you don’t offer mouth guard programs for basketball.” In fact, we do. Although mouth guards are associated with high-impact sports like football and hockey, we do not restrict our programs based on which sport your son or daughter plays.

Safety comes first for kids, and that’s true for all sports. Ask our staff about our special offer for Wakefield residents, as well as our participation in the Grin and Wear It program, which benefits patients in all Massachusetts communities.

To learn more about this opportunity, call our office at 781-245-2299 and tell them you read about the mouth guard program in our blog.


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