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Welcome to Future of Dentistry’s blog! We are a thriving dental practice based in Wakefield, M.A., under the leadership of Gerry J. Casazza, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

This blog will be devoted to oral health matters that affect our community. It will also serve as a way to notify our patients of special programs, promotions, and new services and technology.

Be sure to Like our Facebook page so you never miss out on special offers or critical dental health information. We’ll use the page to share info from this blog — if you’re interested in a topic you see on our Facebook, you’ll be able to click to read more about it in our blog.

Future of Dentistry is living up to its name these days, moving forward with a number of initiatives. We’re about to launch a new and improved website, and this blog will be part of it. We’ve welcomed additional staff, renovated our office space, introduced new programs, and more.

One of our new programs provides complimentary, customized mouthguards for kids to wear during athletics.

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