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Do Teeth-Whitening Lip Glosses Really Work?

Whitening is one of the most popular options for cosmetic dentistry. Recently, makeup companies started offering lip glosses that supposedly make your teeth look whiter in photos.

Do they really work?! We gave it a shot.

The Experiment

Future of Dentistry tried two products. We had our “model” try out Estee Edit by Estee Lauder and News Anchor Blue Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss by Ulta.whiteninglipglosses_final_resized

Both glosses go on clear, but contain blue components designed to make your teeth look whiter. Blues and yellows are opposites on the color wheel, so the blue tones in the gloss will supposedly counteract any dental yellowness.

Makeup experts will tell you to avoid orange-y colors if you’re worried about your teeth looking yellow in photos. There are even stories about makeup artists mixing a tiny bit of blue eyeshadow into lip gloss to achieve a whiter look.

The Results

Both glosses made teeth slightly whiter in photos. Neither one made a difference in in-person whiteness, at least none that was noticeable.The Estee product was a little more effective than the Ulta one.


  • It did make teeth look a little whiter in the photos.
  • No bad aftertaste (especially the Estee one)
  • The gloss itself was good in terms of shine, lip softness, etc.


  • The “whitening effect” was only noticeable in the photo.
  • It’s a gloss, so a matte lipstick look isn’t possible once you apply it.
  • The prices aren’t outrageous (about $20). But if you usually buy lip gloss at CVS or Riteaid, these are probably more expensive than you’re used to.

What’s Next

If you’re trying whitening gloss, we suggest the Estee Edit by Estee Lauder. We’re curious to see if the whitening effect is better or worse in different conditions – outdoors vs. indoors, high and low lights, etc.

There’s no substitute for a professional whitening procedure, but the lip gloss options are fun way to improve your look in photos.

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