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Guys: Don’t Brush Off Dental Care

When it comes to health, men aren’t always vigilant about preventing and addressing issues. There’s a wealth of research to support this observation, and you’ve probably noticed it in your own life.

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Who, me, put off a medical visit? Never!

Oral health is no exception. At most practices, including Future of Dentistry, female patients are more likely than male ones to maintain their schedule of biannual hygiene visits. Additionally, more men delay dental treatment compared to women.

According to sources like the CDC and the American Academy of General Dentistry:
• The average man will lose 5.4 teeth by age 72.
• Males are more likely than females to never floss (about 39 percent don’t).
• The average man brushes his teeth 1.9 times a day.
• Women are more proactive about scheduling recommended treatments.

There are three key reasons to maintain your oral health. No. 1 is cosmetic. Your smile is one of the first things people notice, including the opposite sex. A poll examined the factors women and men judge each other on, and 71% of single ladies ranked teeth first!

Reason No. 2 is more serious. You’re more likely to develop oral health problems if you don’t stick to a schedule of continuing care visits. The same is true of delaying recommended treatment — a cavity today can turn into tomorrow’s root canal if neglected.

The link between oral health and overall health illustrates the importance of care:
• Men are more likely to have gum disease — which is linked to serious health issues such as pancreatic, kidney and blood cancers.

• Many of the medications commonly prescribed to adult men (including blood pressure and heart meds) inhibit the flow of saliva, which can wreak havoc with your oral health.
• Men are more likely to develop oral and throat cancer.

Guys, it may seem easier to avoid the dentist’s office. But Reason No. 3 says otherwise. When you delay or avoid dental maintenance and restoration, you’re more likely to need serious work later on. It could end up costing you far more time, money and inconvenience.

In the end, isn’t it easier to have a simple cleaning and exam twice a year? June is Men’s Health Month, a perfect time for guys to start fresh with good dental habits.

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