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Meet Dr. Gart!

Meet Dr. Adam Gart! He is a standout dentist and one of the newest members of the Future of Dentistry team.

Dr. Adam Gart

Dr. Adam Gart

“As a doctor, I believe that personalized care is essential to oral health,” he said. “I knew I wanted to practice at Future of Dentistry when I saw that the team is always dedicated to putting the patient first.”

Dr. Gart earned his DMD from Midwestern University. He completed his undergraduate studies at Sacred Heart University with a degree in chemistry. He found his calling during college, when he spent a month shadowing a family member who is a dentist in France.

At Midwestern, Dr. Gart was ranked in the top 10 of his class academically. He earned the School Award for Implantology, the School Award for Oral Surgery, and a Section Award for Excellence in Patient Care.

That combination — outstanding technical skills and compassionate care — are exactly what we focus on at Future of Dentistry. It makes Dr. Gart a great fit for our practice!

We invite all our patients to give feedback after their visits. We’ve heard wonderful things about Dr. Gart since he joined us! Here are two examples from patients:

“I wish every dentist was like Dr. Gart, I would of started going years ago! He made me feel so comfortable and is very gentle and soft-spoken. You can tell he really cares about his patients and his work. Looking forward to my next appointment.”

“It was my first experience meeting Dr Gart. I had an abscess and he highly advised taking the tooth out ASAP. It took a little less than an hour. He was wonderful. Efficient and caring. He followed up with me himself the next day. Very impressed.”

We wanted to share these examples because they illustrate what we value about Dr. Gart.  Since he joined us, he’s become a trusted team member. He also has a great sense of humor! Outside of dentistry, Dr. Gart is an “outdoors type” whose hobbies include tennis, skiing and hiking. He is a longtime Massachusetts resident.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of Future of Dentistry’s patients, and I look forward to meeting more of you in the future,” said Dr. Gart.

Since he speaks French fluently, we asked him to translate for us: “J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir a faire la connaissance de nombreux patients de FOD et j’ai hate d’en rencontrer un plus grand nombre encore!”

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