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Putting Some Bite Into the NFL

Anthony Fabiano

Wakefield native Anthony Fabiano is headed for the NFL! (Courtesy photo)

Some of our patients may have already heard the great news about the Fabiano family. Anthony Fabiano recently signed to the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent. In NFL draft terms, Anthony’s “athleticism and football IQ” are strong qualities in his favor.

Anthony attended Wakefield High School, where he was a star tight end/defensive end for the Warriors. He was also the epitome of a student-athlete — taking honors and AP classes, earning a place on the honor roll and ending up in the top 10 percent of his class.

His abilities on and off the field attracted some of the country’s best universities to recruit him. After graduating from WHS in 2011, Anthony went on to Harvard University.

He continued to distinguish himself as an offensive lineman, a committed student and — we can vouch for this — a wonderful young man. Anyone who’s met Anthony can understand what the NFL sees in him. Not only is he 6-foot-5 and gifted at football, he’s also intelligent and has a great attitude.

Anthony was also the inspiration for Future of Dentistry’s mouth guard program. Back when he was still in high school, Anthony’s parents, Lisa and Tony, mentioned how many students were still using “boil and bite” mouth guards that aren’t as effective as custom-made ones, and how students sometimes lost or forgot their guards.

“We educate our patients about mouth guards, so they understand the potential dangers and the need for custom-fitted guards. But that isn’t enough. After our conversations with the Fabiano family, we were determined to raise public awareness,” says Dr. Casazza.

We began by offering complimentary, customized mouth guards to Wakefield High School’s football team. We even chose red-and-white mouth guards, to match the Warriors colors!

mouth guard youth sports

The Fabiano family’s insights inspired our mouth guard program for student athletes.

Future of Dentistry expanded the program to include all types of sports for Wakefield high school and middle school students. We also partnered with the Grin and Wear It campaign, working with the Massachusetts Dental Society to help ensure youths in every community have access to this important piece of safety equipment.

“The Fabianos’ insights drove Future of Dentistry to tackle the problem and work toward protecting all young athletes,” Dr. Casazza explains.

Congrats to Anthony and his family on this wonderful achievement! And from our team to yours, thank you for inspiring our mouth guard program.

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