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Sending a smile: 410 lbs of candy for the troops

By November 11, 2015One Comment

Future of Dentistry broke its record for collecting candy for the troops – 410 pounds. Gerry Casazza, DMD, checks out the results with his son Roman, 3.

Future of Dentistry recently teamed up with the community for a sweet show of support. We collected over 410 pounds of candy for the troops, just in time for Veterans Day.

Under the leadership of Gerry J. Casazza, DMD, we participate annually in the Halloween Candy Buyback program. It benefits Operation Gratitude, an organization that supports active-duty troops as well as veterans.

During the first week of November, Future of Dentistry purchases surplus Halloween candy from local residents for $1 per pound. Then we box and ship it and send it to the troops. This year, we filled 15 big boxes after collecting a whopping 410 pounds, 9 ounces!

We’d like to thank the local community for participating in the program. The show of support was awesome! Because of you, Future of Dentistry had its most successful Halloween Candy Buyback yet, easily topping previous candy totals. We serve the entire north of Boston area, and residents throughout the region participated.

Two local schools contributed to the buyback’s success. The PTO of Wakefield’s Greenwood School organized a candy collection, as did Kerrie Grella’s pre-K class at Little Treasures Schoolhouse in Lynnfield. The families at both schools made a HUGE difference with their large candy contributions!

There are many great things about the Halloween Candy Buyback program. Most importantly, the troops receive some sweet treats and a reminder that we appreciate their efforts.

The troops serving overseas often share the candy with local residents, especially children. It helps build trust and foster a relationship with the community where they’re serving.

Pictured here, with the 410 pounds of candy collected for the troops, are Dr. Gerry Casazza wife Danielle and son Roman.

Pictured here, with the 410 pounds of candy collected for the troops, are Dr. Gerry Casazza, wife Danielle and son Roman.

The program also provides an opportunity to teach children about supporting the troops. Kids make a sacrifice by trading in some of their candy. It’s a small thing to give up, and they get cash back to make up for it. But it’s still a big deal for a kid, so it’s a perfect segue to talk about what our servicemen and women sacrifice when they enter the armed services.

We’d also like to thank our awesome employees. They helped collect, organize, weigh, box and ship all that candy!

To learn more about Future of Dentistry and how to participate in next year’s Halloween Candy Buyback, call 781-245-2299, email, or contact us through or

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