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Smile Studies: Future of Dentistry Visits Local School

By October 24, 2016No Comments

The future looks bright at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School! Katherine Kobierski, a hygienist from Future of Dentistry, recently visited with first-grade students at MVRCS.

future of dentistry mvrcs

Dental hygienist Katherine Kobierski played games that show how healthy eating affects your teeth as well as your overall health.

As with all our school visits, one of the key topics was proper brushing. Katherine demonstrated the technique using cute stuffed animals with authentic-looking teeth. She explained how brushing is important to your oral and overall health.

Katherine played games that teach children about the connection between healthy eating and healthy teeth. She showed the first-graders how products like candy and ice cream stick to your teeth, which allows bacteria to thrive and cause damage. As the students learned, the same foods that are bad for your body are usually bad for your teeth too!img_1337

The students also viewed a science experiment that demonstrates the importance of caring for your teeth. She brought two white eggs that had been hard-boiled and soaked overnight. The egg soaked in water was fine, but the egg that was in soda turned brown and showed cracks and damage. (To try the experiment at home, click here.)

The students also took home a bag of goodies from Future of Dentistry. They received toothpaste, a toothbrush, a smile-themed toy, and more.

MVRCS Future of Dentistry

Katherine, a hygienist with Future of Dentistry, demonstrates proper brushing to the first-graders at MVRCS.

The MVRCS first-graders have been learning about the human body this autumn, so Future of Dentistry’s visit was a great fit. The health of your teeth and mouth affects your overall health, which is a message that Future of Dentistry always prioritizes!

Thank you to Mystic Valley Regional Charter School and its students for the warm welcome they showed us! A special thanks to the teachers who made our presentation possible: Mrs. Diane Guerriero, Ms. Amy Arneil, Ms. Amanda Gregory, and Ms. Bridget Sheehan.

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