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You don’t know spit

By January 2, 20162 Comments

Most people don’t know how important saliva is to their oral health. It may sound strange, but saliva isn’t “just spit.” It’s essential to your body fighting tooth decay and other diseases.

Saliva is also one of the ways we identify and address oral health problems. Salivary diagnostics is the term for this service, which uses your DNA to assess your risk and monitor your clinical outcomes.

Salivary diagnostics are a non-invasive way to reveal whether you have spitting-water-1550479a genetic predisposition for certain diseases. We can determine if you are at risk for periodontal disease or for certain HPV-related oral cancers. We can also diagnose the cause of periodontal infections.

With the information from salivary diagnostics, our staff is able to create a personalized treatment plan for you with more reliable results. In conjunction with VELscope exams, salivary diagnostics are an excellent way to test for oral cancers and other diseases and conditions.

Salivary diagnostics is a burgeoning field. We expect to see even more testing options in the future. Who knew “spit” would turn out to be so helpful?!


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