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Snoring And Sleep Apnea Treatment

Is snoring or sleep apnea ruining your life or the life of someone you know? Future of Dentistry in Massachusetts can do something about it!

Recent research has led to the development of a simple and safe anti-snoring device that reduces or even eliminates snoring. The device is similar to a mouthpiece that positions the lower jaw forward as you sleep. The tongue, being attached to the lower jaw, is simultaneously pulled forward, which makes it less likely to fall back into the throat, block the airways and cause snoring.

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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Many people are unaware that they have sleep apnea and, as a result, the condition goes untreated. That has a detrimental effect on your quality of life. When snoring is so loud that it disturbs the sleep of the snorers and their family members, it may be a sign of a related condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

OSA is a breathing disorder that can, in some cases, lead to life-threatening incidents such as heart irregularities and stroke. People with OSA actually stop breathing at night because of airway blockage caused by a relaxed tongue. When breathing stops, carbon dioxide builds up in the bloodstream. This alerts the brain and the eerie silence is followed by a gasping, snorting sound. Each episode lasts long enough so that one or more breaths are missed. The episodes occur repeatedly during sleep.

A typical apnea sufferer will stop breathing 30 times per hour for 30 seconds each time. That’s 15 minutes an hour of not breathing. Can you imagine the consequences of failing to get vital oxygen to your body’s cells? They slowly starve for oxygen, increasing the likelihood of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Sleep apnea is diagnosed with an overnight sleep test called a polysomnogram, or sleep study.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea

It is important to know some of the major signs and symptoms of sleep apnea.

  • Loud or chronic snoring
  • Choking, snorting or gasping for breath during sleep
  • Long pauses in your breathing
  • Daytime sleepiness, no matter how much time you spend in bed
  • High blood pressure
  • Forgetfulness and not being able to concentrate
  • Moodiness, irritability, depression, changes in temperament

Who is at risk?

Anyone can have sleep apnea, no matter their age or gender. Even children can have sleep apnea, which is commonly caused by enlarged tonsils and adenoids. However, some people are more at risk than others. You may have a higher risk of sleep apnea if you are:

  • Overweight
  • Male
  • Related to someone with sleep apnea
  • Over age 65
  • African American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander
  • A smoker

Other risk factors include having a thick neck, deviated septum, receding chin, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Allergies have been known to contribute to sleep apnea.

If you feel you might have sleep apnea, the first thing to do is undergo a sleep study done and get a diagnosis from a certified sleep doctor.

If you need help in taking the next step toward a restful night’s sleep, call Future of Dentistry. You will be glad you did. We use the latest technology to improve your night’s sleep and your overall wellness.

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Rick TaskerRick Tasker
01:02 19 Sep 23
Thank you very much Katherine for your knowledge and skilled work assessing my oral health and cleaning my teeth today. You have a very nice operation all around at the Future of Dentistry.
Cynthia BonoCynthia Bono
22:15 18 Sep 23
Thank you Danelle the best Hygienist always makes you feel super comfortable my teeth look and feel great and she’s so gentle you don’t even feel it!
Margarida CabralMargarida Cabral
13:57 15 Sep 23
Excellent affordable services, hours of operation, friendly staff and the new technology is amazing from my previous dentist years ago. I highly recommend the experience 👌
Shana AndersonShana Anderson
23:33 14 Sep 23
I really can not say enough wonderful things about this place. Every person that works there that I’ve interacted with is just great, from the girls up front to the hygienists and doctors. Even the consult lady is amazing! And the work they’ve done on my teeth is top tier. They’ve improved my teeth/smile 10x better than any other dentist office I’ve been to in my life. I’m a forever patient there.
Annemarie VillaniAnnemarie Villani
00:33 14 Sep 23
I have been going to FOD for many years. Everyone is always friendly and professional.
Michele CanterburyMichele Canterbury
23:55 11 Sep 23
I was very happy with the greeting I got coming in. Bree was my hygienist. She was great very professional yet personable. There were a few new experiences for me. She explained everything thing in detail. I felt very comfortable. It was very convenient that she could make my next cleaning appointment in the room. I thought it was great she walked out with me up to the front. Please continue this great service.
patrick schrothpatrick schroth
15:05 09 Sep 23
Went in with a very badly hurt and infected wisdom tooth, they were able to get me antibiotics and scheduled me for the following week which is significantly quicker than every other dentist I had called which were out a month minimum. The procedure went very smoothly I was in and out in about an hour and by the time night I was able to drink liquids and eat soft foods. The following day there was also very little pain. Very impressed and will be returning for more dental work in the future.
Christine ShaydaChristine Shayda
02:24 16 Aug 23
From initial booking through my appointment, Future of Dentistry provided a fantastic experience. My dental hygienist, Natasha, was amazing and made the experience a very easy and relaxing one. Dr. Kim is wonderful, thorough, and answers all questions.After not seeing a dentist for a few years, I've found my dentist for life. Thank you!
22:51 14 Aug 23
Loved my experience here! Came in for an annual cleaning after switching from a another dentist. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Everything was explained to me during my entire visit. Don’t hesitate to switch here if you are thinking it making a change with your dental care!
James DiBattistaJames DiBattista
14:28 07 Aug 23
I have been a very happy customer of Future of Dentistry for two years now. They made upper and lower dentures for me. Very happy. All the staff are highly professional and work together as a team.Most recently I dropped and broke my lower denture. They have gone out of their way to get it repaired in short order. Love these people!
andrew smalleyandrew smalley
16:24 02 Aug 23
I had such a great experience with Future of Dentistry. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. The dental hygienist, Tita, was amazing and made the experience a very easy and fun one. They even have massage chairs while you get your work done!I have certainly found my dentist for life. Thank you for running such a great company filled with great people!
Cindy VachonCindy Vachon
01:48 28 Jul 23
I had an emergency in 2017 and was seen immediately. I have been a patient at FOD since. They have a friendly staff and fit you in for emergencies. They also make sure that you are comfortable. I was there for an implant and they made sure I was not cold from the air conditioning.
Mia LewisMia Lewis
15:06 18 Jul 23
Navigating your dental care can be an at times stress inducing experience. After reviewing various local Facebook groups for recommendations I was elated to find that Future of Dentistry not only met the expectations set by the feedback of local families but exceeded them tenfold. Compassionate and communicative, I would stop your search here knowing your in the best possible hands. They earn five stars and more!
Waleed ShehzadWaleed Shehzad
22:48 26 Jun 23
I was initially hesitant about seeking an oral exam for the excruciating toothache I had been enduring for the past couple of days, mainly because my insurance wasn't active yet. However, the front office promptly scheduled me for a same-day dental emergency care checkup.Dr. Kayla and her entire staff were incredibly accommodating, addressing all of my concerns and providing me with pain medication. They also took the time to explain the subsequent surgical tooth extraction process required to remove my wisdom tooth, and to my surprise, I wasn't charged anything. I had expected the cost of a dental emergency without insurance to be substantial, but that wasn't the case at Future of Dentistry. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone residing in the North of Boston area.
William CondonWilliam Condon
11:06 22 Jun 23
During 20 years as a patient I have received outstanding care for a many dental procedures, including numerous crowns, implants and a bridge. The team made sure the result was perfect each time, even if it required replacing something that didn’t meet their standards.They are also a great group of people. Absolute professionals.
Sandra LaMarcheSandra LaMarche
23:35 14 Jun 23
Danielle has provided the most thorough and painless dental cleaning ever! The office staff is competent and friendly. Been a patient for 5-6 years. My husband is also a patient and highly recommends the dentists and hygienists as well. Highly recommend Future of Dentristy.
Deb SDeb S
16:57 06 Jun 23
Totally at ease at this practice, not nervous at all to have work done. Very professional and caring staff across the board. Had my teeth cleaned with Briana and they have never felt cleaner! Have had a crown done and it was a deep pocket, no issues what so ever! Very pleased and happy to have found this practice!
Nina FielderNina Fielder
21:09 26 May 23
I have had such a great experience with Future of Dentistry through different stages of my life journey. I used to deal with really bad anxiety around going to the dentist. I always felt supported when I was there. I'm happy to say that I've worked through the anxiety, and their attention to detail is still phenomenal! I highly recommend!
03:28 11 May 23
I chipped my front tooth and I was able to get an appointment the next day with Dr. John. I was nervous about this appointment but the minute I met him, I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. He was so attentive, personable and very east to talk to. The dental assistant was absolutely wonderful as well. My appointment was just great and the best part is my front tooth looks amazing. No one can even tell that my tooth was chipped at all. I was so worried about how it was going to look and it turned out just beautiful. Dr. John is an amazing dentist and a true artist. The whole team at this practice are friendly, welcoming and wonderful. A big "Thank You" to all!!!
Alissa ScharfAlissa Scharf
11:33 29 Mar 23
From the first time I called, to the meeting the hygienist and the dentist, I was comfortable and pleased with the interactions. I transferred X-rays from a different dentist, and the person I spoke with (I think Sophia??), was super helpful and I never felt rushed or that this was a hassle. The hygienist, Danielle, I fantastic. She was very knowledgeable (and I ask a lot of questions), and took great care. Usually I feel a bit anxious at the dentist, but I ended up relaxed and felt like good care was taken. I already told my husband to switch his dentist too. Highly recommend!
Alexa LoReAlexa LoRe
13:31 31 Jan 23
I dread the dentist.. always have. Future of Dentistry is amazing! They are welcoming, kind and respectful. They have made sure I was comfortable for every appointment! They even have massage chairs! Their appointment system is easy and send you lots of reminders. They were flexible when I needed to change something too. Love this place!
Meg WilliamsMeg Williams
11:03 22 Oct 22
Allie was excellent and the most knowledgeable hygienist I’ve ever had work on my teeth. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable. John, the dentist gave me recommendations for my health but didn’t push anything on me, also very friendly. The rest of the staff was very professional. I think I finally found my long term dentist office.
Caileigh FeldmanCaileigh Feldman
21:57 10 Oct 22
Future of dentistry is a wonderful dentist. Everyone is incredibly kind, professional, and courteous. I get nervous during dental procedures and they always make me feel calm and relaxed. The rooms are very clean and nice.
Nikole RNikole R
10:54 16 Sep 22
I would recommend this place to my family, my friends and anybody in need of dental care! In fact, I travel 50 minutes one way to go there whenever I am in need of dental services. And its worth every mile. They are reasonably priced, have options that might help assist you with your care needs as well as provide excellent -service to perfection. That's right, no more visits for ill fitting dentures, or frequent bite adjustments after fillings or crowns. They take their time, and actually listen to your concerns. But don't just take my word for it- SEE for yourself!! I can almost guarantee that once you go there - you will never want to go anyplace else. And best of all, in most cases you can get everything done in one place!!! A big Gas savings for YOU !
Susan VasquesSusan Vasques
01:31 08 Sep 22
Squeezed me into the schedule with 24 hr notice for an extraction! Procedure took 30 minutes and I was on my way! The staff are lovely and very professional! Would highly recommend and best of all…it was pain free!
Mary GibsonMary Gibson
20:12 02 Sep 22
Future of Dentistry is the most amazing dental office I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. The entire staff is professional, friendly and always there to assist you. I have had a very positive experience each and every time I have an appointment whether it be a routine cleaning or more extensive work such as crowns/fillings. I have referred several of my friends (who are scared of the dentist!) to the practice and they are all very happy too (and look forward to their appointments!)Try FOD out - you will be glad you did!!!
MacEgan StarrettMacEgan Starrett
18:24 27 Aug 22
As someone who has never loved going to the dentist (which I assume is the same for most people), this was the best dentist experience I have ever had. Everyone was incredibly nice and communicative, everything was prompt, organized, and I didn’t have to wait around at all.What stood out most to me was that they were really helpful at every step — explaining the X-rays, explaining what/why they were doing next, explaining what my next visits would entail, and so on. There was also the added bonus that they were very conscious of what was and wasn’t covered by my insurance, and were very helpful/deliberate in planning future visits around maximizing as much of my insurance coverage as possible and minimizing all out of pocket costs.I think it’s a pretty good feeling to have found a dentist that I feel comfortable and even enjoy going to. 10/10 would recommend.
John RussellJohn Russell
19:26 05 Aug 22
I would recommend future of dentistry to anyone. They are professional take there time with my cleanings and let you know exactly what may need to get done thanks Danielle. All the people at the front desk also do a great job fitting you in with appointments as needed and letting you know the cost. Great place
susan saliesusan salie
11:19 27 Jul 22
Highly recommend! My son, who has special needs and high anxiety, went for a cleaning today. The hygienist was so patient with him and so caring, as was the dentist. I think we finally found a place he will be comfortable with.
Josephine LegrandJosephine Legrand
22:24 25 Jul 22
Future of Dentistry is the very best and always has been. I drive out of my way to continue to go there! Would not even consider going elsewhere. Dr. Tony is fantastic. Everyone is polite, professional, and absolutely wonderful in every way! Thank you for your great service ❤️❤️❤️
Laura UptonLaura Upton
23:05 14 Jul 22
I love this dentist office. The staff are so friendly and the office and rooms are immaculate. They bend over backwards to help you with your financial situation. If not I wouldn’t be able to get my much needed dental work done. Thank you so much.
John RJohn R
03:05 09 Jul 22
My teeth are a battle, have been for a long time. When I walked into the future of dentistry, I thought I may be headed for dentures. one year later I have a positive outlook on my teeth. The visits have been painless, professional and because of some of my teeth are on the edge of being pulled, they did what they could to repair them. one of my caps had a problem and they replaced it free of charge, without question. Besides the fact they do great work, are really nice, make people comfortable, I am impressed that I was actually allowed to leave the office with a small balance due and they did not harass me over it. Other dentists I have dealt with would not let you leave if any balance was due, these folks are reasonable and understand that we are not all rich and dental work is expensive. Having said that the prices are reasonable. Overall you could not find a bad person at this place, everyone is so nice, professional, caring, really they worry about my dog in the car, and when you have a problem they fix it immediately. People make a place great and this place has great people!!
Paul RedmondPaul Redmond
10:15 02 Jun 22
Very pleasant experience. Dr Gupta did a great job installing my crown, insuring a perfect fit. She made sure the crown was comfortable and had proper spacing for flossing. Top Notch.Thank You Dr Gupta
Donna LibmanDonna Libman
00:01 24 May 22
Going to future of dentistry is always a pleasurable experience. Everyone there is so very nice and very professional. Your never left waiting and the office is newly decorated and extremely clean. I would recommend them highly and I myself wouldn’t go anywhere else. My entire family goes there, sisters, husbands, nieces and nephews.... and also my close friends. You won’t be disappointed. 😃
Maria CarmichaelMaria Carmichael
01:46 19 May 22
Future of Dentistry is the most comfortable office I've ever been to. The front desk is so friendly and helpful and the hygienist are very nice and make you feel like you've known them for years. I've never been disappointed. They are the best !
Tanya CokerTanya Coker
17:17 14 May 22
My experience today was great. I contacted the office to inquire about a procedure. They were able to get me in same day for a free consultation, and I was received on time. The dentist was attentive, provided all the necessary information about my options, and provided an estimate of the cost to me based on my insurance. The reception staff were very pleasant. Definitely felt valued as a patient.
David DenteDavid Dente
23:52 22 Apr 22
Very professional and pleasant experience. The staff goes above and beyond to make you comfortable. I never feel like they are trying to upsell , for lack of a better word. The ladies out front are fantastic .Best I have ever been to .
Lisa MinghellaLisa Minghella
03:05 21 Apr 22
As always, great experience. Kudos to Michelle at the front desk, so pleasant and well prepared. Tini, the dental hygienist who is top notch and so informative and does a super job - she's the one who always keeps me coming back! Met Tony who will be taking over for Dr. Lin (sorry to hear he left!). Tony has big shoes to fill but I can see he will do an excellent job and I already feel comfortable just talking to him about my treatment plan. I will continue to highly recommend Future of Dentistry !
pamela interrantepamela interrante
00:42 19 Apr 22
Very impressed by this office from the receptionist to the hygienist who was amazing and gentle no discomfort as in the past.The Doctor was very professional and knowledgeable it was an extremely pleasant experience all around.Thank-You
Lauren OrtizLauren Ortiz
23:49 14 Apr 22
I had such a great first visit here. Sarah was my hygienist she was prompt and thorough. She clearly explained everything she was doing and made me feel extremely comfortable! The office is very clean and spacious. Every employee I was in contact with made me feel welcome and were very pleasant. Highly recommend this office and especially Sarah !
03:35 23 Mar 22
Great place. Friendly and happy atmosphere. Very nice and clean office. The tools they use are really modern. Everybody it’s friendly and professional. They explain everything they see during your visit, (it’s nice to know they will apply some cold air or a pinch) so you know what’s going on. Finance help you along with the process for you to understand. Great location. They are experienced and know they are doing. Very competitive prices and work with a lot of insurance companies.You can communicate via phone, email, text. It’s awesome. Glad to find you!
Robert bensonRobert benson
00:35 17 Mar 22
From my he moment I walked in the support staff was friendly and professional, but most importantly they made me feel at ease .Once I meet my Dentist, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She spoke to me and listened to my story with compassion and empathy.The exam was a consult but because of my unique situation the Dr . Extended me extra time and completed a task that I thought would take several visits . I was so happy and smiling when I left and truly surprised by the level of service provided .I am sending my family there going forward . I found the future of dentistry .
Diane MahoneyDiane Mahoney
23:46 16 Mar 22
My first visit. The front desk staff was super friendly and welcoming! I waited only about 5 min and was called back. The DA who did my X-rays was sweet and very good at her job. Dr. Cifuni was very nice. He looked at my tooth issues carefully and took plenty of time to explain everything to me. He is patient, smart and kind, a very, very good doctor. Thank you all very much.
Ryan GravesRyan Graves
21:28 03 Mar 22
Future of Dentistry is top notch. One of my front teeth got chipped so I called them. They were able to see me in a timely manner, Also my appointment ended up on day there was a snowstorm. Future of Dentistry called prior to my appointment and asked if I would like to come a day earlier to avoid any inconvenience of the storm. Dr. Tony was the doctor that fixed my tooth. He was Fantastic! He assured me as soon as I got in the chair that he would be able to fix my tooth no problem, he had me in and out of there within 40 minutes. The work that the team performed was excellent I can’t even tell my tooth was chipped. Thanks so much!
Stephanie StanleyStephanie Stanley
15:04 01 Mar 22
I had my first visit to Future of Dentistry yesterday. Kathryn was my hygienist. She was amazing! I felt heard and validated with all of my needs, which is extremely important to me. She acknowledged everything I said. The office itself feels luxurious and it very beautiful. I am glad to have newly become a patient at this facility.
Sparky SparksSparky Sparks
19:51 20 Feb 22
My first time was Thursday last week.Suffice to say I will go nowhere elseAmazing staff, great modern atmosphere, caring and attentive!!Great music was playing and the employees were making me laugh. Such a relaxed atmosphere love itI don't have insurance they treated me very very well!! amazing to be honest!Thank you future dentistry
Debbie RichDebbie Rich
10:35 04 Feb 22
I have been a patient for a couple of years. I am so impressed by the eagerness of all to make my experience the best it can be. I have never been one to look forward to the dentist office …However the pain free experience I have received at Future of dentistry is by far the best I have ever had. I had my teeth cleaned by Pia this week, she did such a thorough job, very professional and very knowledgeable and willing to share mouth hygiene tips. When I moved to NH I thought about changing dentist…I just couldn’t !I now travel an hour and a half because I know I can’t replace this quality of dental careThanks…
Josephine LegrandJosephine Legrand
23:49 11 May 21
After having the pleasure of being serviced by the wonderful staff at Future of Dentistry for so many years, actually since they first started out, I continue to be in awe of how wonderful they all are! Thank you for your great service to me and my family. 🙂
Brady & SamBrady & Sam
00:01 03 Mar 21
I’ve gone to Future of Dentistry for as long as I can remember. I have had great experiences every time with different dentists, and that’s saying a lot because I’m one of those people who can’t stand going to the dentist. The dentists there are very kind and try to make the visit go by quickly and easily! Great place, if I’m being completely honest, parking can be tough, but you can usually find a spot. (But if that’s the biggest problem I’d say Future of Dentistry is great!
Lorna LagatLorna Lagat
23:19 26 Jul 23
Julia FrevoldJulia Frevold
00:15 08 Jun 23
Dr Dan is an awesome dentist and very gentle. He saw me the day I called with an emergency issue. His staff are caring and supportive also!! I’ll recommend him to everyone!!
deb harlessdeb harless
00:30 25 May 23
My experience today with Future of Dentistry staff and Doctor Danny , was a five star . Felt as relaxed as if I were meeting with friends . I am totally a nervous wreck when I have to go to the dentist , but I really felt relaxed here .I am looking forward to going back , and that in itself is a miracle !!Thank you all for making me feel so special !Deb Harless
Lydia SabbatelliLydia Sabbatelli
19:44 05 May 23
Russell CampbellRussell Campbell
23:46 22 Apr 23
Another great Experience 👍 Thank you all Team of Dr Dan 😀 👍
David AubinDavid Aubin
00:54 21 Apr 23
Went here for a consultation about a root canal as old dentist said to get one. Dr Nguyen was amazing, kind and incredibly knowledgeable! He fixed the old dentists failed cavity filling which allowed me to skip getting a root canal. I'm a happy new client now! Thank you Dr Nguyen!
marissa barrymarissa barry
22:33 26 Jan 23
The staff here is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly. I had a great experience with both my cleaning and my filling. They did an amazing job with my kids, too!
E johnE john
23:55 28 Dec 22
I had my teeth cleaned, I chatted with alycia for a few minutes. Then Megan cleaned my teeth, super personable. Then the charming Dr. Nguyen is wonderful as well. Love the place!
Walter ReedyWalter Reedy
21:18 24 Nov 22
Clean, great staff, doctor explained everything clearly, financial person said she would send me all the information
Nisrene Rene BizzottoNisrene Rene Bizzotto
18:31 10 Nov 22
They’re great! Knowledgeable, accommodating, professional and great customer service!
Jess AdamsJess Adams
20:48 29 Jun 22
I have severe dental anxiety but the dentist at Future of Dentistry made me feel at ease! Very knowledgeable and patient. Definitely would recommend!
Susan YanSusan Yan
13:50 23 Jan 22
Kathie, a new hygienist, was very nice and she did very thorough teeth cleaning for me. The healthy teeth is important to me. Her work met my expectations.
Jane CoffeyJane Coffey
22:20 22 Dec 21
Thank you Sara for a very pleasant and thorough cleaning appointment. Dr. Tony did a great job on a crown today. So happy to have found a wonderful dental practice.
Nick BNick B
10:06 26 Aug 21
I am a ling time customer of the previous owner of this location. I am very comfortable with the care that I'm receiving here. Very knowledgeable staff and a nice setting. I hope to do 25+ years here too!
Jeffrey WongJeffrey Wong
00:03 08 Jul 21
The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job with my teeth cleaning and showed me how to better focus my brushing habits to improve my gum health.
Travis BrinsonTravis Brinson
14:15 25 Mar 21
Loved this place. The staff is wonderful and my teeth feel amazing. Kelly at the front desk was so helpful. Will come back.
23:49 15 Sep 23
Betty PBetty P
12:46 11 Sep 23
The Staff, Doctor, and Dental assistants .. they were all so great. They were wonderful!! Root Canal went smooooothly 🙂 thank you
Heidi CHeidi C
08:53 30 Aug 23
My husband and I were looked for a new dentist. We were recommended to try Future Dentistry. My husband went first and came home and was excited to tell me “ the staff is super nice. He raved over Kim the secretary. She walked him through everything (billing, insurance, and appointments). True it’s her job but her kindness and compassion is what stuck out most. He met with his hygienist and his new dentists and again was blown away with the compassion and gentle care.After hearing all the praises I made the switch also. I too felt the same way!I highly recommend this dentist office.Thank you Future Dentist Team!
Robyn FalardeauRobyn Falardeau
23:47 25 Aug 23
A+ Service! The office was very accommodating and able to see me short notice. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the office was spotless!
Stephanie PoirierStephanie Poirier
03:00 24 Aug 23
Each of the staff I have met has been friendly and professional, the office is well-run and immaculate, and I couldn't ask for a better experience!
Nicole EngerNicole Enger
13:11 24 Jul 23
I was looking for a new dentist. I did like the dentist I used to see. However, he retired. The hygienist I went to was also going to retire this year. They had all new office workers. The office was no longer convenient for me to go to. I HATE going to the dentist. I have had a lot of work done on my teeth. Not only is it expensive but I HATE going through the different procedures. And I know I still need work done. So I looked up some dentist offices online and figured I would give this one a try. When I first walked in I was blown away and I have been there 4 times in about the last 4 months. First of all, the receptionists are SO friendly and welcoming. They always have a smile on their face. My hygienist is so nice. She never makes me feel bad about my teeth. And she does a wonderful job. Most recently I had to see Dr. Austria for a filling. He is so good as well. He was quick and so nice. EVERYONE here is great! I am so lucky to have tried this place!
Terri WTerri W
02:55 29 Jun 23
I recently visited this dental office and had a great experience.Doris, the hygienist, was amazing and made me feel very welcome and confident that I found the dental clinic I’ve been searching for a very long time!The dentist himself & the front office staff are very friendly and welcoming, creating a comfortable atmosphere right from the start. The clinic itself was clean and well-maintained, which added to my overall satisfaction. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone in need of dental care!!
Jennifer JeanJennifer Jean
17:08 28 Jun 23
I have dentophobia a rather severe case. It had been alot of years since I had been to a dentist. Of course the time comes when you just have to.Well I made one of the hardest phone calls... I lucky got Kim. She was patient and extremely understanding. She was able to get me in the very next morning.The staff went above and beyond to just help me through what was a actual nightmare for me.I have just completed... yes COMPLETED my plan for getting back on track!!!!Thank you just doesn't feel like enough!See you all in 3 months 🙂
23:42 02 Jun 23
I just moved to Dracut and was so worried about where I would find a great dentist. We’ll let me tell you, Future of dentistry in Dracut is the real deal. They are nice, knowledgeable, friend and professional all at the same time.
Sarah FalardeauSarah Falardeau
01:50 31 May 23
I recently had my first visit at Future of Dentistry along with my two kids. I was very impressed, everyone was patient with my young children who were nervous to visit the dentist. My cleaning went very well, the hygienist explained each step to me and made me feel very comfortable. We will be back!
Geoffrey WanjiruGeoffrey Wanjiru
20:21 02 Apr 23
I had my first appointment and the staff here is very friendly and welcoming. Doris, the hygienist is really good and thorough with the dental cleaning, while keeping you engaged throughout! Thank you!!
Emily PEmily P
16:42 28 Feb 23
Best dentist office! I have been going here for a while and I had to get my first filling ever. I was super nervous and scared. Everyone answered all my questions and listened to my concerns. It was a relief that they took my worries seriously which helped me calm down. Also the office is always so clean and they even give you glasses to protect your eyes from the exam light. Everyone is so nice and I know they definitely care about their patients! Love it here! 🙂
Jayesh AminJayesh Amin
01:00 24 Feb 23
I visited Future of dentistry-Dracut first time after getting great review from a family member.I had great experience with Hygenist and a doctor.They did awesome job.I highly recommend this office for any dental need.Office is very clean and they took me in right on my scheduled time.Kim, the office manager is very detailed in giving information so far as coverage is concerned with insurance company.👌🙏🙏🌈
Desiree BlanchardDesiree Blanchard
19:51 16 Feb 23
I had my first appointment at this dental office this week and I was extremely impressed! The staff was wonderful and spent a considerable amount of time with me easing my nerves and answering all of my questions. Corinna is especially wonderful and I am finally feeling better about fixing some dental problems that I have been avoiding to do for far too long. Thank you so much !!
Jodie WightmanJodie Wightman
00:41 29 Dec 22
My first time going today. Such a friendly staff. The receptionist Kim was more than helpful with finding out info about my insurance coverage. The hygienist Doris was amazing. She explained everything so well. She was so sweet and we had some laughs as well. Highly recommend this place.
Ann f LooaconoAnn f Looacono
10:47 16 Nov 22
Hi I went for my first visit there yesterday the practice was well known by a friend of mine and I had a great experience from Kim the receptionist and the hygienist Doris to dr Astoria all we’re so nice and well welcoming and I so appreciate it I would recommend this dentist practice to all can’t wait to next visit. Thanks again
Ana CAna C
23:39 02 Nov 22
Everyone is friendly and understanding. The dentist is amazing and always attentive to detail. The fact that they do most procedures in one place is great. I feel super comfortable about everything they do!
Collin RileyCollin Riley
01:07 22 Oct 22
1st visit, the team went above and beyond welcoming and offering high level of care. They were amazing with my elderly mother, just very compassionate taking time to fully explain everything and made her visit wonderful. Really can't say enough, definitely a 5 star place based on the staff alone.
Jess AJess A
19:48 12 Oct 22
Like many people, I have struggled with medical anxiety for my entire life. However, visiting Future of Dentistry in Dracut, MA has transformed my perspective of what going to the dentist can be like. As a patient at FoD, both my physical and emotional comfort is always made a top priority during my visits. I am encouraged to do whatever is needed to help the process go smoothly, whether it's bringing a stuffed toy or listening to music during procedures. I have also learned so much about dental care from the practitioners who continually answer my questions with plenty of information and patience. I always recommend this place to others, stating that "it's the best dental office I have ever been to!" Thanks to everyone at FoD in Dracut!
Maura DonahueMaura Donahue
23:41 04 Oct 22
I just moved to Dracut and I broke a tooth! I got Facebook recommendations for a few dental practices. I left a message for Future of Dentistry and they called back immediately. Excellent customer service. They fit me in right away and even scheduled a cleaning within one week. Very professional front desk, Dentist, dental assistant and hygienist. The admin knew alot about our two insurance plans. Very personable and caring staff! I highly recommend this group.
Betzaida RamirezBetzaida Ramirez
00:06 15 Sep 22
I love this dental office. The staff are so compassionate and really respect your wishes. Amazing Hygienist and amazing Dentists.
Susy CarnevaleSusy Carnevale
00:37 25 Aug 22
Fantastic staff. Professional, friendly, and caring. Highly recommended!
Cathy HebertCathy Hebert
00:10 28 Jul 22
Great Dentist! Awesome Staff! Amazing Dental Work! Highly Recommend ⭐️
Joscelyne PerkinsJoscelyne Perkins
23:41 20 Jul 22
Everyone is so kind and compassionate! Dr.Austria has a gentle touch! They are AMAZING!
madison willeymadison willey
00:53 23 Jun 22
I just started going to this dentist and I love it. I have an extreme dentil phobia and everyone makes me feel welcome and assured that I will be okay. I just got a temporary filling and the numbing works so well, I didn’t feel a thing. They even gave me a blanket to calm me down and explained everything they were doing to me. Definitely recommend this place.
Judith PentedemosJudith Pentedemos
19:22 02 Jun 22
Everyone at this practice is welcoming and helpful. Tanya, who has been my Dental Hygienist for many years, is excellent and the reason that I stayed with the practice after Dr. Vermette left. I have been very happy with that decision and happily drive the 25+ miles to get there.
Jessica CarnevaleJessica Carnevale
01:35 02 Jun 22
Cori is amazing!! Extremely knowledgeable and very willing to provide dental education each visit. Appointments are always on time and the environment is spotless. I’ve convinced my whole family to receive their dental care here. Would highly recommend!!
Melannies TiradoMelannies Tirado
19:37 01 Jun 22
Can’t say enough wonderful things about this team at the Dracut location. I have such a phobia of the dentist and I had a dental emergency and was in agony for days over the holiday weekend. After seeing my regular dentist and being disappointed with their recommendations, I called this office after it was highly recommended by a friend. This was the best decision I could have made. I called and explained my situation, they got me right in, provided me with all the information I needed in order for me to make the best decision possible. They made me feel comfortable, cared for, like family. Dr Oliver Austria and his assistant Courtney were top notch. For any and all dental needs, please run to this office, you will not be disappointed!
Sean MurphySean Murphy
02:17 25 May 22
I had Dr Oliver Austria for invisalign. There was an add for a free consultation online. I set an appointment, had a full consultation with x rays, advised of several options available to me and walked out without spending one penny. Dr Austria is fiercely meticulous, graduated from Tufts university and is the best of the best.
Mike FitzpatrickMike Fitzpatrick
22:20 24 May 22
Awesome staff across the board. Been to this location and Wakefield, very highly recommended both locations and all staff.
Marangelie QuinonezMarangelie Quinonez
21:17 23 Apr 22
Came in the office so scared in the past in other offices the atmosphere was so different but I was greeted with a smile the staff was so knowledgeable made me feel comfortable and I had a pleasant experience. Will definitely recommend this office to many of my friends and coworkers and above all the work was done professional and proficient .
Kelly RierisKelly Rieris
11:47 21 Apr 22
Everyone here are so nice and lovely , beginning with the Staffs to the Hygienists and Doctor. If you a new patient and looking for a great place to go to, please give Future of Dentistry - Dracut a chance and you won't regret.
Joan LaurenzaJoan Laurenza
17:22 25 Mar 22
Very professional office and all clean protocols in place. Interested in the what's best for the patient. Takes time to explain things and answer questions.
Margaret NorcottMargaret Norcott
14:38 24 Feb 22
I cannot say enough great things about Future of Dentistry. My visits are like spending time with my friends. From the minute I walk in to the time I leave “ I truly enjoy going to the dentist” Thank you Dr. Austria and all of the Dracut FOD family
Jerilynn JacobsonJerilynn Jacobson
16:13 21 Jan 22
Best dentists and hygienist ever. Super competent and kind staff. I actually love going for appointments. Could not ask for better or more responsive care for my family or me.
Marge A. HansonMarge A. Hanson
03:06 20 Jan 22
Excellent staff and service. My family and I have gone to this dental office for years. Tanya is the best hygienist ever! They are always on time for your appointments too! Would highly recommend if you are looking for a new dental office!
Callie BaronCallie Baron
01:10 06 Jan 22
I have had Tanya as my dental hygienist for several years now She is always friendly ,caring,and professional. She does an excellent job each and every time.I have also had to have procedures done over the last 2 years , caps and fillings and am very pleased with the quality of care I received by Dr Austria and his assistant.
Dave CollinsDave Collins
14:09 30 Dec 21
I can really say, I enjoy visiting the dentist when I come here. Kim always remembers my name and greets me warmly when I arrive. My hygienist Cori tailors my care around my comfort level as best as possible and Dr. Austria is friendly, gentle and very knowledgeable. I have referred many friends and family to this office and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!
Paul SzymanskiPaul Szymanski
23:48 18 Sep 23
Very knowledgeable.. personable..does what is in the best interest of the patient
Micah KorsonMicah Korson
23:39 18 Sep 23
My experience so far has been nothing short of world class. They’re incredibly friendly, informative, and their work is excellent. I can’t recommend them enough.
Traci GreenTraci Green
02:15 15 Sep 23
Great staff and doctors!
Robert ObrienRobert Obrien
23:39 14 Sep 23
Amazing dental office. They are prompt, professional, and very friendly. After my 1st visit I felt like I'd been going to this office for years. The Dr and his staff work like a well lubed machine. I was honestly extremely impressed by everyone who worked here. I have plans to switch all my kids and my Wife over to this office for future dental care needs. They are truly an amazing practice. I'm very impressed.
Frank ScabinFrank Scabin
01:26 13 Sep 23
23:55 05 Sep 23
I have never met a nicer group of people. They make you feel like family. I am moving out of state and hope I can find a new dentist as wonderful as them.
Meg BradburyMeg Bradbury
23:54 31 Aug 23
I had an overall great experience here. Megan, the hygienist, was so calm, patient and kind. I typically hate going to the dentist but she made the experience welcoming and comfortable. She cleaned my teeth really well too, I didn’t know my teeth could look this good!
Gary KnoxGary Knox
22:36 31 Aug 23
This was my first visit to this office. I have known the Dental Hygienist there for many years, but from a different office. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful on the initial paperwork needed for new patients. I really appreciate how spotlessly clean and modern the office and treatment rooms are. I throughly enjoyed meeting Dr. Danny Nguyen, and discussing my future dental needs. I certainly look forward to going back there for all my Dental treatments.
Karen VieiraKaren Vieira
15:23 28 Jul 23
Amazing staff. Very kind dentists. They took extremely good care of my son during his fist dentist appointment
Catherine BettencourtCatherine Bettencourt
14:37 26 Jul 23
I've been going to this office for a number of years. The staff and Dr. Nygen are wonderful. They're friendly and very knowledgeable. The office has been renovated, it's modern and beautiful. If you're looking for a new dentist, I recommend them highly.
Sakona NuceforaSakona Nucefora
23:45 29 Jun 23
The place is really clean. The staff really friendly. My hygienist and the dentist really take their time to educate me how to take care my teeth.
Evelyn MacNeilEvelyn MacNeil
00:38 21 Jun 23
Ive always had total anxiety going to the dentist period but I have felt most comfortable with future of dentistry. They are absolutely amazing and are making me have less anxiety every time I go.
Daniel LuuDaniel Luu
18:02 09 May 23
My family and I are new patients to Future of Dentistry. The office was very modern, clean, and bright. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The hygienists did great with my kids. I personally have never had a more comfortable dentist experience than my visit with them. Dr. Nguyen was knowledgeable, thorough, and even though it was busy, never appeared rushed. You could tell everyone in the office enjoyed working there and with each other. Great atmosphere and people, my family has found its new dental team.
Rosemary KinserRosemary Kinser
11:14 19 Apr 23
Future of Dentistry - I feel very fortunate to get my dental care here. Dr Danny is wonderful - I trust him with my care. Meghan does a wonderful job getting my teeth clean & is very supportive with ongoing daily care of my teeth. The front desk staff are kind, thoughtful and always pleasant. I recommend this practice whenever I have the opportunity. If you have ever been hesitant about going to a dentist because you have perhaps neglected your dental care, give this team a try; they are nonjudgmental . The whole team is wonderful. I have been going there for a couple of years Awesome group - Thank You!April 2023 - excellent care & experience- today I had Dr. Danny & Olivia. Great experience! Thank you
Isabella CafarelliIsabella Cafarelli
10:48 11 Apr 23
Great office! Easy to get to with convenient parking. They send a handful of reminders close to the appointment date which is helpful! Staff is very friendly and good at chair side manner. Would recommend this office to anyone in need of a new dentist/hygienist!
Hannah BinghamHannah Bingham
00:54 08 Feb 23
The best dental experience I’ve had in so long! Everyone was so nice and compassionate. In the past, I’ve left other dental offices crying because they were too aggressive and condescending. But, I left SMILING from future dentistry because it was such an amazing, easy, and reassuring visit. Gentle, calm, and very positive attitudes from everyone. Highly recommend!!!
Bobby CurrieBobby Currie
00:42 27 Jan 23
Dr Nguyen was exceptional! He has a true talent for what he does, I’ll never go to another office, I feel so comfortable and taken care of by the whole team from the clinical staff all the way to the front desk, 5 stars all the way.
Stephen PhamStephen Pham
00:55 04 Jan 23
Consistent on reminders and call backs about appointments in case you forgot. I had a cleaning done for the day and it was great, always appreciative of the goodie bag every visit. Professional looking office with great receptionists, being kind and personable.Dr. Nguyen is great himself, he doesn't give fluff talk and tells me what's needed to be done, rather than some experiences I had where dentists will sorta look down on you and give you that judgmental criticism.
Andrew VAndrew V
00:50 20 Dec 22
The best in the dental industry… atleast I think. I would not want to go anywhere else, the Billerica office I can not say enough, they let you know what should be done in your oral care and they work with great care, they are very attentive as professionals in the business. The front office staff is an extra bonus. very friendly! They are truly there for you as a patient.
Sarena RondeauSarena Rondeau
00:48 13 Dec 22
The entire staff in this office have been super helpful, kind and solution-based. The thought of getting work done on my teeth has always scared me but Olivia and Dr. Nuygen helped guide me and ease my worries through my treatment plan. I appreciate all the hard work and hours everyone at this Dentist puts into their work.
Daniel BabinDaniel Babin
00:50 22 Nov 22
I have been coming here for 4 years. It all started with them taking amazing care of me for and emergency broken tooth and I have never had anything but excellent experiences. Dr. Dan and all the Dental Hygenists are so skilled and friendly! I always walk away with my mouth feeling amazing and a big smile on my face!!
Aisha FigueroaAisha Figueroa
23:43 27 Oct 22
From the moment I walked in the door from the staff at the front desk, the hygienist who assisted and did my cleaning and the doctor who answered every single question I had best patient experience I have ever had! And who likes to go to the dentist these days!? Amazing staff professional and knowledgeable!!
Mark DumontMark Dumont
23:05 23 Aug 22
I honestly couldn’t have been more happy and satisfied with my experience with Dr.Nguyen and his assistant Olivia in the Billerica location! I had numerous fillings on my front teeth that were not done correctly by a different Doctor.They were making me feel insecure and worried about my smile, and after consulting and having my appointment with the doctor and Olivia, I feel I have a renewed lease on my smile and confidence. Dr.Nguyen made me feel very confident in his professionalism and knowledge in dentistry the moment we first spoke and through my appointment, Olivia was amazingly professional, while at the same time made me comfortable and re-assured in the whole process , it made everything so easy mentally. I cannot wait to continue using them for my cleanings and future appointments, and to recommend them to anyone I know!
Deborah CDeborah C
17:57 04 Aug 22
ALWAYS AN AMAZING SERVICES. Front staff very friendly, professional and welcoming. I had a cleaning today and the dental hygienist was very professional, nice and patient with me. I had 2 concerns and she took her time to explain and reassure me that everything was ok. Dr. Nguyen came in after to make sure my concerns were addressed and to make sure I had no other questions.I went to the Chelmsford location this time- loved it (its 6mins from my house!!)Thank you for the amazing service guys!! See you all in 6 months 🙂
D NelD Nel
20:00 20 Jun 22
I’ve had a very positive experience here!The staffs are kind and professional, they respond very quickly as well.
Alycia TecciAlycia Tecci
23:40 07 Jun 22
I moved to Billerica and was unhappy with my prior dentist. Future of Dentistry got me in same day for an emergent toothache and was able to refer me to an oral surgeon who removed the tooth. Future of Demtistry’s reception team helped me through all the paperwork without me finding my insurance card. The entire team was happy and helpful throughout my entire experience. I’m happy to have a new dentist!!
Karen FarmerKaren Farmer
23:45 11 May 22
Personnel always pleasant. Office is immaculate, while being comfortable and relaxing. Music and continuous scenery shown on a big screen add to a calming effect. Very professional and pleasant staff.
Randy ColonRandy Colon
13:13 20 Apr 22
Switched to this dentist a couple years ago and have never had a bad experience. Had a crown made, couple fillings and cleanings here. The team is great to work with and Dr. Nguyen does excellent work! The operations are well run and appointments / procedures are communicated efficiently which is refreshing. Do yourself the favor and go here for your chompah maintenance!
Jennifer StaplesJennifer Staples
01:09 13 Apr 22
I cant say enough about Future of Dentistry! This place is amazing!! You will not be disappointed in any way!
Natalie PerezNatalie Perez
03:02 07 Apr 22
Very happy with my with my new dentist, Dr. Nguyen! He has excellent bedside manner, down to earth, & most importantly gentle. Dr. Nguyen takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. All of the staff at Future of Dentistry are Amazing. Overall a friendly & professional atmosphere from the moment you walk in.
kathleen cordeirokathleen cordeiro
14:37 16 Mar 22
I went for a consultation and as soon as I walked in the decor in the office was very calm and home-like. The front desk employee, Erin I believe, was very kind and courteous making sure that I was able to get my previous dental office to get my records sent over to help my appointment go smoother. When Dr. Nguyen looked at my teeth he explained everything clearly so that I would understand exactly what they had planned for me and was even able to start my deep cleaning in that same appointment, which saved me another trip and time off from work. I appreciate all of the effort they put in to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of. Definitely the best staff I've encountered in a dental office. There were no attitudes in sight and it was a quiet and relaxed environment.
Sashi RavikumarSashi Ravikumar
17:20 29 Dec 21
Very welcoming and friendly staff. Dr.Nguyen was caring, informative and excellent service.Highly recommend.
Can’t say enough about this place. Everyone is so nice. The office is immaculate. The waiting room is so cute, but I never actually spend time there because they run on time. Tara the hygienist is the sweetest and Dr. Nguyen is awesome too. They were great with my 2 year old as well!
William FavaWilliam Fava
00:47 02 Dec 21
I can't overstate my satisfaction with Future of Dentistry. Becoming a patient was quick and easy, and every visit has been nothing but pleasant. All of the staff are courteous, friendly, and personable. They were very helpful working with me to figure out my options for procedures and what my out-of-pocket costs would look like. As someone with a storied dental history, I'm very satisfied to have found such a great experience in my own backyard.The dental assistant, hygienist, and Dr. Nguyen are all top-notch professionals. Everyone took time to check in and make sure I was comfortable and aware of next steps throughout my visits. And at risk of sounding too hyperbolic, I left my latest appointment thinking Dr. Nguyen is an artist with the precision of a watchmaker. Both me and my fiancé are very happy with his work.If you're seeking a better dental experience, Future of Dentistry is highly recommended!
Tiffany RegolinoTiffany Regolino
14:35 02 Nov 21
Had my first appointment here and am super happy with everything! The doctor helped me pick the best option for me and my situation. The assistant taking molds of my mouth made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Front desk staff was great with making sure they could fit me in for my next appointment and made sure it worked with my personal schedule
Dayse DoliverDayse Doliver
02:41 06 Oct 21
Future of Dentistry is an amazing hidden gem! Conveniently located with plenty of parking. This is an updated and state of the art office. Upon arrival I was greeted by the most caring and professional staff. The hygienist who did my cleaning was spectacular. I went back to complete dental work and was once again very pleased with the levels of professionalism and dedication by the Dentist and his entire team. I will recommend this practice to all my friends and family.
Miriam SmithMiriam Smith
01:19 20 Sep 23
Exceptional, professional work. Kind, caring atmosphere. Never had oral surgery before. Given all things, expedited well and with good support.
Carlo ZambonelliCarlo Zambonelli
01:07 19 Sep 23
Raymond ShawRaymond Shaw
14:33 15 Sep 23
I have never had so much fun at the Dentist's office! Jo'el had me laughing non-stop, Connie at the front desk is kind and supportive. While cleaning my teeth, Holly gave really super advice about dental care. Dr. Denis is kind, informative, caring, and attentive. Oh, and they all do a really great job! I've always been kind of anxious at the dentist's office, and all of the people here are always so understanding and really put me at ease. I can't say I really look forward to going to the dentist's office, but it's always a good experience at this office.
c monc mon
23:53 06 Sep 23
I have been to many Dentists and practices in my time. I have to say , from the initial visit / introduction, to the time I left my visit, I legitimately enjoyed my time there. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive , friendly and extremely professional -As far as the Dr - Dr Dennis , Extremely skilled, professional, friendly and know his industry and profession very well .He does amazing work - I did not feel the novocain, nor was I uncomfortable throughout the entire visit -Very Very skilled Doctors Drs - Dr Dennis is the best !!!
John NascimentoJohn Nascimento
21:05 06 Sep 23
Everyone there was very nice and really educated me step by step
Jennifer BraceroJennifer Bracero
02:42 30 Aug 23
Unbelievably kind, gentle and very understanding staff. Being an anxious patient, they have made my visits much more easy to deal with. Don’t think twice - just go!
Marc L MosierMarc L Mosier
14:18 23 Aug 23
After receiving my dental care in Boston (for 20 years) at a multi-specialty dental practice, I decided to look locally. I was looking for a progressive, experienced practice who provides complete care with attention to detail.My first visit was well orchestrated and timely, with the office staff being very informative and pleasant to work with.As with most good clinical practices, they were thorough in their initial assessment, with review of my clinical history, an oral screening and X-rays to establish a current baseline of my health.On to a thorough painless dental cleaning, with periodic discussion of findings during the cleaning.Dr. Denis Jakuj was personable and well prepared for the consult with his review of my films prior to beginning his exam. The approach was thorough with a collaborative discussion of my previous dental work and most importantly, my current dental status. He was knowledgeable & offered a viable dental care plan to follow, as well as treat the most prevalent issues.It was a pleasure to find a dental practice that took a complete approach to everything from appointment scheduling, insurance, disclosure of costs for procedures and the actual dental care.
01:51 02 Aug 23
They did an extremely thorough deep cleaning. Providing explanation and images throughout the appt.I had a pain free appt for two fillings and will never go anywhere else.The receptionist gave me a juice and ice pack and water on my way out due to being numb from the numbing agents.Dr. Dennis is a kind angel that works well, fast and is friendly.His whole staff is awesome.
Corene SawyerCorene Sawyer
01:53 21 Jun 23
I am 74 years old, so that’s a lot of years experience with Dentists. This office is by far the absolute best I have ever been to in all those years! Future of Dentistry is so appropriately named. I was made to feel like I was the only patient in the office that day, from the Office Manager, the Hygienist to the Dentist…all professional, but they went that extra mile to make me feel comfortable and in good hands. It looks like I really lucked out this time!! And I noticed my teeth were whiter than any other cleaning I have ever had as well.
Eduardo CaimaresEduardo Caimares
12:03 06 Jun 23
Amazing staff and care. Everyone was kind and did a fantastic job of answering all my silly questions. I received the most thorough and gentle cleaning I have ever had in my entire life. I'll be coming here from now on.
Olimpio DeMarcoOlimpio DeMarco
18:52 25 May 23
The team at Willows does a great job, and they care about customer satisfaction. I was not completely satisfied with my teeth whitening procedure, so they had me back a second time and applied two more bleaching sessions at no extra cost. Now, my smile is bright!
Florence StreckerFlorence Strecker
01:56 16 May 23
Simply put, that dentist's office is fantastic. I never thought I would come to enjoy going to the dentist as much as I do now. I love the staff, the ambiance, the personal attention they all give to their patients. Everyone there is courteous, making an appointment is easy, and they have always been on time in the past two years since I started going there. I recommend the Future of Dentistry in a heartbeat and with no reservation.
Michaela MoranoMichaela Morano
11:15 12 Apr 23
The Willows group has been very professional and kind. After lousy experiences elsewhere, I was glad to have been recommended to this office. If you're looking to beat your fear of going to the dentist, this is the place to do it! - They made everything pain-free and as comfortable as possible.
Idenice SargutIdenice Sargut
01:23 30 Mar 23
The staffs are amazing and my dentist Hygiene is the best! She has a lot patiences, very gentle and make me feel very comfortable even though, I always have high anxiety when I go to the dentist and she makes me feel calm. Thank you!
Kristin NaumannKristin Naumann
01:03 05 Jan 23
Outstanding Team! I was sincerely welcomed as a new patient. The Willows pros worked hard to sort out my insurance coverage (!) Wow. Great follow up and communication, pre and post extractions. THANK YOU. I'm so glad I found the Future of Dentistry at Willows. Best dental practice I've ever been to, without question.
Katie LangevinKatie Langevin
18:29 05 Oct 22
Really loved my experience here as a new patient! I was nervous since I had not been to the dentist in 3 years and was experiencing some sensitivity. The staff made me feel completely comfortable and everyone was incredibly kind. The entire team was very helpful and informative!
Esma JakujEsma Jakuj
06:10 30 Sep 22
I can't say enough good things about Willow Dental group and their entire staff. Their white glove level service sets them apart from any other dental office I've visited! From the moment I walked into the office, Jessica was there to graciously greet me (she was smiling under that mask) and quickly checked me in for my appointment. Upon checkout, Connie was efficient and friendly! Dr. Denis was so informative and gentle while treating my broken crown. I will trust and recommend all my friends and family to Willow Dental Group.
Mayle PachecoMayle Pacheco
14:46 22 Sep 22
My first visit was excellent! The staff is amazing and the work is very professional. I was seen by the hygienist, Lori for my cleaning and she is the best! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new dental office!
Kendall BodenraderKendall Bodenrader
15:46 01 Sep 22
I absolutely hate going to the dentist it’s one of my biggest fears and causes me a lot of anxiety and this office worked with me and was very understanding. My hygienist was awesome Lori, and the dentist himself was great as well, super nice! I also was given a referral to Dr. Denis who was also very nice!
robert silvarobert silva
23:41 26 Aug 22
I have been coming here for many years and receiving excellent services, but this new team of doctors, hygienist and all staff members are the next level of dentistry. And these are the reasons why:1) Great customer service2) Care given to all their patients is the top priority3) Hygienist, Lori, is very thorough, she takes my blood pressure, checks my thyroid etc.,takes the time to answer all my questions, gives me tips and tools to use so that I can navigate my way for healthier results.4) Dental health is a very important part of our total overall health.5) I would recommend The Willows Dental Group to my friends and family to this great team of professionals.With Gratitude,Cecile LaRoche
Michael GillespieMichael Gillespie
12:51 25 Aug 22
I haven’t been to the dentist office for a long time. I have to say they are the best I’ve been to in my lifetime. They explain everything. Very trustworthy. Loree is the best. She’s very thorough and very informative. I would recommend anyone who needs dental work or is hesitant to go this is the place. The receptionist Connie was extremely helpful as well. They go above and beyond. Very happy 😃
Lyndsay DowdLyndsay Dowd
00:06 18 Aug 22
Lori the hygienist was lovely, professional and a fellow lefty! She made my visit a pleasure. Dr. Dennis is thorough and pleasant.
Ariel DupontAriel Dupont
20:02 27 Jul 22
I had my first appointment with Willows after attending their sister location in Wakefield. Lori was incredibly professional and made efforts to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I had a great experience and will be attending again.
J BoJ Bo
20:40 25 Jul 22
I'm not sure who likes going to the dentist.. but due to childhood trauma caused by a dentist I hate it.. at my last cleaning they pointed out I needed a deep cleaning.. which involve two separate appointments..all my phobias kicked in.. today was the first of two appointments.. and I told the hygienist my fears.. and that she was basically gonna decide if I come back for the second procedure or stop going to the dentist all together.. my hygienist Lori was amazing (the Best ever) . She understood what I went thru as a child and did everything she could to make me comfortable.. the procedure was painless and I can't believe I would ever say this.. but enjoyable.... My next appointment is Monday.. and I won't lose sleep the night before like I did last night... Thank you so much Lori!!!! You have made me feel comfortable in an environment I have hated my entire life... Can't say enough about Lori!!!!
Ed LongEd Long
15:37 21 Jul 22
Great place. Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. Making an appointment was easy and they take the time to explain everything. Highly recommend
Steve GoldSteve Gold
00:31 12 Jul 22
From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted with enthusiastic and very welcoming "Good Mornings." My wait time was less than 5 minutes. They still wear masks which is very comforting. Jess took me in and prepped me for my procedures. She was warm and gentle and set me at ease immediately. Dr. Denis handled my procedure. The two of them were very in-sync and they have a very calming repartee together. The entire procedure lasted for about 40 minutes. No pain. No strain. Dr. Denis uses this piece that he fits into your mouth to keep it opened. I've never had that before but it's awesome. He was thorough and before I knew it, we were done. Overall, an excellent experience at a top notch facility.
Karolina CostaKarolina Costa
23:37 28 Jun 22
Very friendly staff and I was very satisfied with the quality of their services.
kiana moranokiana morano
00:47 25 Jun 22
Everyone at Willows is friendly and genuinely kind. My procedure was painless and they had me out in no time at all
Masood SheikhMasood Sheikh
02:02 24 Jun 22
I am greatly impressed by Dr. Denis Jakuj's effort and caring. I highly recommend him for dental care.
Genevieve DesaulniersGenevieve Desaulniers
00:37 22 Jun 22
We always have such a wonderful experience here. Front staff are always helpful and courteous, hygienists are great with my kiddos, and I feel so comfortable with their continued attention to COVID precautions. We won’t go anywhere else!
Magdalena GyftopoulosMagdalena Gyftopoulos
00:16 24 Feb 22
Dr Jakuj has done a great job of helping me prioritize various dental issues. Over the past year and a half, I have finally been able to to deal with some things that I had let go for too long. The whole staff is really nice and professional and my anxiety about dentist appointments has lessened.
Martin ZweigMartin Zweig
01:27 18 Feb 22
Friendly staff, modern equipment, careful attention and good advice.
Keanu ShurdhaKeanu Shurdha
02:56 15 Feb 22
I had a great experience at Willows Dental Group, I was there about a week ago and It was a peasant visit from the start. The office was very organized and the dentists along with their assistances were all very helpful and nice. I went for a cleaning and in the same day they also filled out a cavity for me, I highly recommend this place.
Analise NicolosiAnalise Nicolosi
02:01 26 Jan 22
This was my first time at the dentist in a while, I was very nervous. Michelle put me right at ease. She was very personable and thorough. Her along with the rest of the staff relaxed me with their professionalism and bedside manner. Will definitely be returning for all my future dental needs/visits.
Sue HallSue Hall
10:50 10 Dec 21
I don't usually leave reviews, but I went to this practice for a second opinion and found them to be exceptional. The staff are friendly, efficient and accommodating and Dr Jakuj explained the services I needed so that I was comfortable with my decision to move forward. I will not hesitate to highly recommend them to friends and family.
Zak GravesZak Graves
16:26 29 Nov 21
I had a great first experience! My cleaning was with Cassie she is the best! Dr Denis clearly explained any future treatment and Kerry at the front was great with helping with my insurance questions. Thank you guys! 5 stars all around.
Happy TailsHappy Tails
18:23 23 Nov 21
Best Dentist Ever!!!Very informative spend time educating me, his X-ray images were superior to my past dentist.he gave he possible to probable diagnose, to help make my decision, I had went there for a 3rd opinion and definitely to smartest of the three, he knew his stuff. And I would want him doing my future work even though I love my past dentist, and the staff they were just a step above Jackie the tech was fantastic very helpful. Ty Steve


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