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2-Minute Tunes: Songs for Brushing

By February 9, 20162 Comments

Studies show that many kids (and some adults!) don’t brush their teeth for long enough. Two minutes is the rule if you want your brushing to get the job done effectively. Adults can adjusSongs to brush tot pretty easily to the two-minute guideline. It can be tricky getting children to follow this rule effectively, but there are ways to make it fun for kids.

We provide a two-minute sand timer to new young patients. Kids get a kick out of the timer, and it’s a tangible way for them to monitor their brushing time.

We also recommend music to keep brushing time on track. If you have a low tolerance for cutesy kiddie tunes, here are some songs that may better suit your palate, all approximately two minutes. (TIP: Youtube videos can change, so please check the video hasn’t been updated with anything that isn’t kid-friendly!)

At Future of Dentistry, our personal favorite is the Elvis classic, “All Shook Up.” Kids like it as much as adults and the “shook up” chorus goes well with the brushing theme!

  1. The Beatles, And Your Bird Can Sing
  2. The Clash, White Riot
  3. Eddie Cochran, Summertime Blues
  4. Gorillaz, Don’t Get Lost in Heaven
  5. The Police, Miss Gradenko
  6. Elvis Presley, All Shook Up
  7. Ray Charles, Hit The Road Jack
  8. Simon & Garfunkel, Song for the Asking
  9. The White Stripes, Fell In Love With a Girl
  10. They Might be Giants, Particle Man

Remember, there are often multiple versions of songs on iTunes, Youtube, etc. Be sure you’re using two-minute versions of these songs, like ones we the linked to. Youtube has some kid- and tooth-themed videos, but many of them tend to grate on adults’ nerves. We pared the list down to a few of the more palatable options. See if you like option one, two, three or four.


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