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End-Of-Year Planning: Make The Most Of It!

By November 4, 2019No Comments
Waterpik Aquarius

Water Flossers are one way you may be able to use your leftover Flex Spending.

The end of the year is an important time for health care. For many patients, benefits from your insurance or Flexible Spending Account will expire if unused. The motto “Use it before you lose it!” is often suggested by physicians and dentists. You may already have seen a letter from our practice on this topic.

This is a great time to schedule that hygiene visit you’ve been meaning to book, or move forward with treatment – especially if you want to cover some of your treatment in this calendar year and some in 2020. We encourage you to check with your insurance or Flex Spending carrier about your remaining benefits.

Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) may also allow you to purchase dental care items like electric toothbrushes, water flossers (Waterpiks) and prescription toothpaste. Please contact your Flex Spending company to check which dental products may be eligible for Flex use.

If you are part of the Membership Program at our practice, you don’t need to worry about losing benefits at the end of the calendar year! However, this is a great time to check your enrollment date and make note of when you need to renew. Please contact our office if you’re not sure.

We have one other end-of-year reminder. Some of our patients live out of state and schedule their appointments when they’ll be back in town for vacation or holidays. Some visit us from as far as Great Britain! We encourage you to call ahead to reserve an appointment that’s convenient for you. Parents, if you have a child attending college or living out of state, this is a great time to give them a little reminder. It’s easy for young adults to get off track with dental care, so it’s often helpful to schedule appointments for when they’re at home.

For next year, starting your care-year off early will ensure you never leave a single dollar on the table.

We wish you and your family all the best in the coming holiday season! If you have any questions, please click here to call, text, or email us through our website.




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