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At Future of Dentistry, we feel like our patients are part of our family. This was especially true on Thursday when we welcomed a new (and very cute!) patient.

Adorable Abigail is the granddaughter of Darlene, our lead dental assistant, but this wasn’t a social visit. Abigail was spending time with her Aunt Allyson, and auntie noticed something different about the baby’s gums.

It seemed unlikely to be a tooth, since Abigail is just 5 months old, and baby teeth usually emerge later. Of course, Allyson knew just where to go to find out!

Thanks to Abigail and her family, we learned a new expression: “Whoever finds the first tooth buys the first pair of walking shoes.”

This is actually an OLD saying, and it means that if you’re the first person to notice a baby’s first tooth, it’s your job to get them shoes! The phrase is a throwback from the old days when shoes were expensive, although some people still say it today as a first-tooth tradition.

Abigail’s aunt handled the situation perfectly. We usually recommend bringing children in by age 2 for their first appointment with the dentist, but if you’re not sure about something, it’s a good idea to contact us and set up a short visit. (There’s no charge for this consultation.)

In this case, the doctor confirmed what the family suspected. Little Abigail is a bit ahead of the usual timeline, with a first tooth that has almost emerged.

Tooth Parties And Tooth Jewelry

A few members of the Future of Dentistry team grew up with the phrase “Whoever finds the first tooth buys the first pair of walking shoes,” but most of us had never even heard of it. What about YOU? Do you use this expression in your family, or have any fun first-tooth traditions?

The first tooth is always a rite of passage, but some families celebrate it in special ways. They might make pancakes (yes, pancakes!) when the first teeth appear. Maybe because the baby is old enough to chew food then, but only soft food?

Other people give a gift of silver, which is why a lot of silver-colored “first tooth keepsake boxes” are sold online. First tooth parties are also becoming very popular. The most unique tradition, though, is for when the first tooth falls out. Many moms are now using baby teeth to create jewelry!

Click here for Tips On Tranquil Teething, and please don’t hesitate to call us at 781-245-2299 if you have any questions about your little one’s pearly whites!

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