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Is Invisalign Right For Your Smile Goals?

By February 21, 2019No Comments

Our Invisalign® special offer is back by popular demand – patients can save up to $500 – so we thought it was a great time to share some information about this treatment.

Invisalign® is extremely popular because it has a transformational effect, straightening teeth and creating beautiful smiles. It’s especially favored by adults who have wanted to improve their smile for a long time but felt they were too old for braces. That’s why Invisalign is sometimes called invisible braces.

Future of Dentistry has been a certified provider of Invisalign for years, and we’ve seen great results with our patients!

Your dentist uses a special computer program to digitally map your smile and create a customized treatment plan for you. You can even preview your new smile.

Invisalign patients are fitted for aligners that reposition your teeth to achieve the smile you want. It’s painless and practically invisible. You receive updated aligners periodically, and each one moves you closer to a smile you’ll love. 

Does it work? Yes, so well that some of our team are Invisalign patients too! You can see Dr. Strock and Katherine’s photos on this page.

Some of the things patients like about Invisalign:

  • “Barely there” effect is nearly invisible
  • No wires or brackets
  • Eat, drink, brush, and floss like normal

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the cost and how can I pay it? It depends on each patient’s needs and smile goals. We can provide specifics after you come in for your free consultation. Patients make an initial payment and then pay in installments during the course of the treatment. Some patients are covered under their dental insurance or flex spending account (FSA). Others work with a financing program. We’re happy to help you explore your financial options. And of course, most patients are eligible for our special offer at the moment, to save $500 on Invisalign at Future of Dentistry!
  • How long does it take? Again, each patient is different, but it’s typical for a full case to take about a year. You’ll see progress as you go along.
  • How much do I wear them? Patients wear their aligners almost all the time. They’re hardly noticeable, and the more you wear them, the better the treatment works. You can remove them for eating, brushing your teeth, etc.
  • What age is Invisalign for? Invisalign is designed for adults as well as older teens who are mature enough to comply with the treatment. The aligners must be worn consistently for it to transform your smile, so teens need to be ready for it.

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