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Kids are notorious for claiming to brush their teeth until confronted by a parent about their dry, unused toothbrush. The “wet toothbrush” ploy is also popular with kids, and although it does sometimes trick parents, it doesn’t fool the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

We laugh at these classic childhood antics, but it’s important to establish good dental health routines at an early age. That’s why our team regularly visits local schools and community events to talk about dental care. These smiles need to last a lifetime! 

The latest edition of our “Clean Teeth Club” was led by Danielle, a Dental Hygienist in Future of Dentistry’s Billerica and Wakefield offices. She visited Great Futures Preschool, which is based at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Billerica.

Assisted by Linda, Office Manager at the Billerica office, Danielle gave an interactive presentation to the preschool’s 4- and 5-year-olds.

Danielle covered topics like healthy eating and proper brushing technique — such as how to hold the brush correctly and how long to spend brushing.

The class learned that many of the same foods that are unhealthy for your body, like soda and candy, can also be bad for your teeth. Games, demonstrations and activities helped make the program engaging and impactful for the kids.

Danielle and Linda also passed out Future of Dentistry gift bags for the students and staff to take home. The children’s bags included practical items like toothbrush, toothpaste and a 2-minute sand timer to help them brush the right amount of time. Items like a “Tic Tac Tooth” game help kids develop a positive attitude about dental care. 

We’d like to thank the students and staff at Great Futures Preschool for giving us a wonderful, warm welcome! They were a great group, and the Future Looks Bright!

If you’d like Future of Dentistry to visit your school or community group, or to learn more, please call 978-663-4303, send a message through, or email

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