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Broken and Cracked Teeth

It’s not uncommon for our teeth to take the brunt of an accident. Whether from a fall, a sports injury, or simply biting down on the wrong piece of food, a tooth may chip, crack, or break.

Just because these are common injuries, doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. A damaged tooth can lead to additional problems if it’s not addressed right away. 

When a tooth is damaged, it becomes vulnerable to further problems. A broken or cracked tooth can easily suffer further breaks or worsening of existing damage. The spaces left by cracks or breaks in the tooth also make an attractive home for bacteria, which can lead to decay or infection. 

Visit our Billerica practice as soon as possible to have your broken or cracked tooth evaluated.

Chipped Tooth Repair

A chipped tooth can impact the look of your smile, but it isn’t only a cosmetic problem. While a chipped tooth might seem minor, even a chip can make a tooth more vulnerable to additional damage. 

A chipped tooth repair can restore the appearance of your smile, while also strengthening the tooth and helping prevent further injury. 

Call our Billerica office at 978-663-4303 for a professional evaluation and let our dentists determine whether you need a chipped tooth repair or a cracked tooth repair. 

Dental Bonding

The good news is that a chipped tooth is often a simple repair. By using dental bonding, our dentists can provide a chipped tooth repair in a single office visit — often times with no numbing required. 

Dental bonding consists of a tooth-colored composite which results in a completely natural look, making it ideal for damage to the front teeth. 

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Cracked Tooth Repair

The difference between a chipped tooth and a cracked tooth is that with a crack, damage to the tooth isn’t just external. A crack usually reaches the inside of the tooth, creating additional damage. This internal damage makes a crack a more serious issue and leaves the tooth vulnerable to infection.

Call the dentists at our Billerica at 978-663-4303 practice as soon as possible for an evaluation. 

You have several options for cracked tooth repair, including bonding or filling, if the crack is minor. In the event that a more serious crack occurs, a porcelain dental crown may be necessary. 

While it may seem like a hassle to address a cracked tooth right away, ignoring the problem can lead to needing even more serious treatments down the line. If infection takes hold and spreads to the tooth’s pulp a root canal or extraction may become necessary. 

Broken Tooth Repair

A broken tooth needs to be addressed right away. As long as the broken tooth remains untreated, the tooth is vulnerable to further damage and infection, and it also places the surrounding teeth at risk. When you break a tooth, call our office right away to explore your broken tooth repair options. 

Evaluation will include diagnostic tests such as x-rays and  intra-oral photos to determine the extent of the damage and to assess the best repair option for your unique situation. 

Porcelain dental crowns

One of the most common repairs for a broken tooth is a porcelain dental crown. With this option, the root of the tooth is being preserved, while the pulp and any remaining enamel become repaired and receive protection. 

Dental implants

If a broken tooth needs to be entirely removed, a dental implant can replace the root of the tooth, and a porcelain dental crown can attach to the implant.

In both cases, a porcelain crown will restore the appearance and function of your tooth. 


If you have a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, call our Billerica practice at 978-663-4303 right away. 

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