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Emergency Dental Care

Same-Day Emergency Dental Care At Future Of Dentistry

We know that you can’t plan for accidents; that’s why we leave room in our schedule to accommodate dental emergencies on a same-day basis. We also know that emergencies are stressful, and we provide a comfort menu to help you start relaxing as soon as you arrive. 

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What is a dental emergency? How do you know if you need emergency dental care? The best thing to do is call us at 978-663-4303 as soon as your emergency arises and let us help you.

Here are some of the issues that require an emergency dentist:

Trauma that causes cracked, chipped, or broken teeth

Accidents often lead to broken or cracked teeth, but the severity of the issue might not be immediately obvious. Call us as soon as possible so our emergency dentists can evaluate your condition. 

Severe tooth pain

Pain is an indication that something is wrong. When a toothache is severe, it may indicate an infection, which is a dental emergency that should be treated right away. 

Tooth infection

Any kind of infection is serious and should be treated immediately. Because it is impossible to self diagnose, you should have all tooth pain evaluated by a dentist, as it may be a sign of infection. If you are experiencing fever, headaches, difficulty swallowing, or other symptoms, this can indicate the infection is spreading, and you should seek emergency dental care immediately. 

When a dental emergency happens, contact us at 978-663-4303 right away. The sooner you receive emergency dental care, the better the outcome will be. 

How to handle emergencies 

Wondering how to handle some common dental emergencies? These recommendations don’t take the place of emergency dental care but they may alleviate some pain or additional damage on your way to see us. 

Be prepared

One of the best tools for handling emergencies is to be prepared. Consider putting together a dental emergency first-aid kit or adding items for emergency dental care to your existing first-aid supplies. Useful items to have on hand include:

  • Latex or nitrile gloves.
  • Sterile gauze.
  • A dental mirror.
  • Dental floss.
  • A small liquid-tight container or baggie (for broken tooth parts).

Treating Cracked Teeth

When you have a cracked tooth or multiple cracked teeth, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible to help reduce any additional oral health issues. Some of the cracked teeth treatments available at Future of dentistry include: dental bonding for minor cracks, porcelain dental crowns for more severe cracks and if the whole tooth needs to be replaced, we offer dental implants.

Broken tooth

If you break a tooth, do your best to collect all the pieces for possible reattachment at our office. If there’s bleeding, rinse out your mouth and apply sterile gauze.

Chipped tooth

A chipped tooth may seem like a minor issue but should be evaluated by an emergency dentist. If possible, save the piece of the tooth that was chipped off and bring it to your appointment. 

Severe tooth pain

Just about everyone experiences a toothache at some point in their life. When tooth pain is severe, it may be a sign of infection. To help with discomfort, apply a hot compress and then call us so we can see you right away. 

Knocked out tooth

Do your best to find the knocked-out tooth and put it in milk right away to help preserve it. Bring the tooth with you to your appointment because in many cases, we’ll be able to reimplant it. As with broken teeth, if bleeding occurs, rinse out your mouth and apply sterile gauze.

Jaw pain

Pain of any kind can indicate an infection. You should call us so we can evaluate your jaw right away and find the cause of the pain. 

Intense swelling

It’s important to see our emergency dentists so they can evaluate the cause of the swelling. In the meantime, a cold compress can help to alleviate pain from swelling. 

If you think you may be having a dental emergency contact our Billerica practice at 978-663-4303 right away

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harold curranharold curran
14:28 05 Dec 23
Courteous, friendly, efficient and pleasant .
Ibrahim KhalifaIbrahim Khalifa
14:03 01 Dec 23
Robin WineRobin Wine
01:07 29 Nov 23
My interactions with everyone has been outstanding....super nice and helpful group!!!
jaime salazarjaime salazar
01:05 29 Nov 23
Went to this practice to get one of my wisdom teeth removed and I don't have enough words to describe the exceptional care I got not only from the doctor but also from the other staff members.I highly recommend this location.
Jim GuoJim Guo
00:40 23 Nov 23
Sheryl MartinSheryl Martin
15:26 21 Nov 23
Gita RGita R
17:12 15 Nov 23
Very friendly staff!
Emily DeCristoforoEmily DeCristoforo
00:39 15 Nov 23
Lynn NauglerLynn Naugler
20:06 10 Nov 23
Paulina I believe her name was EXCELLENT. Not only with her cleaning skills but explanations on things she was doing and how I should do things. Felt very comfortable at this practice.
Larry PirriLarry Pirri
13:01 10 Nov 23
Alison CarrigAlison Carrig
01:01 09 Nov 23
I am always happy that I am taken on time. Also just a great Dentist and Assistant. Very informative every step of the way.
DNewman MetalDNewman Metal
00:43 08 Nov 23
Molly FloodMolly Flood
01:51 07 Nov 23
Frank RobertsonFrank Robertson
01:25 07 Nov 23
Great friendly staff excellent and verry knowledgeable great experience all around
Shannon GoyetteShannon Goyette
00:53 07 Nov 23
roberto san juanroberto san juan
02:13 27 Oct 23
Jim FskiJim Fski
01:01 25 Oct 23
The whole staff in the Billerica office are pleasant to deal with, they're very professional. Dr. Nguyen is a wonderful dentist and has a fantastic demeanor with his patients. I would recommend this office very highly.
John GuarinoJohn Guarino
00:10 24 Oct 23
Linda LuLinda Lu
23:41 17 Oct 23
Paul DohertyPaul Doherty
22:07 15 Oct 23
My appointment was for a cleaning. I was taken at appointed time. The hygienist was thorough and attentive to my issues. This is an excellent practice and I highly recommend them.
Gale WinchesterGale Winchester
01:17 13 Oct 23
iftekhar rahmaniftekhar rahman
00:02 13 Oct 23
I came for 2 services, cleaning/prophylaxis and oral work. Both went smoothly. The office and service rooms are very clean and the staff are very friendly and efficient.
Rebecca NivenRebecca Niven
09:01 11 Oct 23
My family has been coming here for years and we couldn't be happier. Professional, knowledgeable and caring staff. They go above and beyond for their patients dental care. Thank you!
Isaac LeDukeIsaac LeDuke
00:22 11 Oct 23
I really like how I was able to get looked at the same day I called for an appointment. The staff was very courteous, bright, and welcoming. Go to the dentist people or things will continue to get worse.
Carole FerroCarole Ferro
14:41 10 Oct 23
Excellent dental care ! Highly recommend. Multiple office locations .Newest location at Drum Hill in Chelmsford ,MA.
00:00 04 Oct 23
Maryann PulliamMaryann Pulliam
09:52 01 Oct 23
Everytime I have a dentist appointment everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming.
Mary AngileriMary Angileri
17:50 29 Sep 23
For my first visit was great...everyone was nice and friendly,I I thank all of mouth is better.....
Norma LambertNorma Lambert
00:31 29 Sep 23
Great group! Keep up the good work.I just wish the prices could be adjusted for senior citizens.
Matt McLeanMatt McLean
23:50 28 Sep 23
Thanks Paulina ! I'll see you in February.
Josephine NajjukaJosephine Najjuka
17:37 27 Sep 23
I love this place it's very clean and comfortable . The staff are very helpful and professional. It's still my top rated dental Clinic. Just try it you won't regret.
16:38 27 Sep 23
Rob MargossianRob Margossian
00:44 26 Sep 23
Third visit. Staff friendly office clean.happy with the professional services received
00:01 26 Sep 23
Dacheng LiuDacheng Liu
23:47 25 Sep 23
dorah naldorah nal
23:38 25 Sep 23
Gari SinghGari Singh
22:53 22 Sep 23
Nita JinwalaNita Jinwala
23:39 21 Sep 23
Staff is friendly, efficient, caring, and knowledgeable. I felt very safe and comfortable. Highly recommend future of dentistry in Billerica.
Paul SzymanskiPaul Szymanski
23:48 18 Sep 23
Very knowledgeable.. personable..does what is in the best interest of the patient
Micah KorsonMicah Korson
23:39 18 Sep 23
My experience so far has been nothing short of world class. They’re incredibly friendly, informative, and their work is excellent. I can’t recommend them enough.
Traci GreenTraci Green
02:15 15 Sep 23
Great staff and doctors!
Robert ObrienRobert Obrien
23:39 14 Sep 23
Amazing dental office. They are prompt, professional, and very friendly. After my 1st visit I felt like I'd been going to this office for years. The Dr and his staff work like a well lubed machine. I was honestly extremely impressed by everyone who worked here. I have plans to switch all my kids and my Wife over to this office for future dental care needs. They are truly an amazing practice. I'm very impressed.
Frank ScabinFrank Scabin
01:26 13 Sep 23
23:55 05 Sep 23
I have never met a nicer group of people. They make you feel like family. I am moving out of state and hope I can find a new dentist as wonderful as them.
Meg BradburyMeg Bradbury
23:54 31 Aug 23
I had an overall great experience here. Megan, the hygienist, was so calm, patient and kind. I typically hate going to the dentist but she made the experience welcoming and comfortable. She cleaned my teeth really well too, I didn’t know my teeth could look this good!
Gary KnoxGary Knox
22:36 31 Aug 23
This was my first visit to this office. I have known the Dental Hygienist there for many years, but from a different office. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful on the initial paperwork needed for new patients. I really appreciate how spotlessly clean and modern the office and treatment rooms are. I throughly enjoyed meeting Dr. Danny Nguyen, and discussing my future dental needs. I certainly look forward to going back there for all my Dental treatments.
Karen VieiraKaren Vieira
15:23 28 Jul 23
Amazing staff. Very kind dentists. They took extremely good care of my son during his fist dentist appointment
Catherine BettencourtCatherine Bettencourt
14:37 26 Jul 23
I've been going to this office for a number of years. The staff and Dr. Nygen are wonderful. They're friendly and very knowledgeable. The office has been renovated, it's modern and beautiful. If you're looking for a new dentist, I recommend them highly.
Sakona NuceforaSakona Nucefora
23:45 29 Jun 23
The place is really clean. The staff really friendly. My hygienist and the dentist really take their time to educate me how to take care my teeth.
Evelyn MacNeilEvelyn MacNeil
00:38 21 Jun 23
Ive always had total anxiety going to the dentist period but I have felt most comfortable with future of dentistry. They are absolutely amazing and are making me have less anxiety every time I go.
Daniel LuuDaniel Luu
18:02 09 May 23
My family and I are new patients to Future of Dentistry. The office was very modern, clean, and bright. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The hygienists did great with my kids. I personally have never had a more comfortable dentist experience than my visit with them. Dr. Nguyen was knowledgeable, thorough, and even though it was busy, never appeared rushed. You could tell everyone in the office enjoyed working there and with each other. Great atmosphere and people, my family has found its new dental team.
Rosemary KinserRosemary Kinser
11:14 19 Apr 23
Future of Dentistry - I feel very fortunate to get my dental care here. Dr Danny is wonderful - I trust him with my care. Meghan does a wonderful job getting my teeth clean & is very supportive with ongoing daily care of my teeth. The front desk staff are kind, thoughtful and always pleasant. I recommend this practice whenever I have the opportunity. If you have ever been hesitant about going to a dentist because you have perhaps neglected your dental care, give this team a try; they are nonjudgmental . The whole team is wonderful. I have been going there for a couple of years Awesome group - Thank You!April 2023 - excellent care & experience- today I had Dr. Danny & Olivia. Great experience! Thank you
Isabella CafarelliIsabella Cafarelli
10:48 11 Apr 23
Great office! Easy to get to with convenient parking. They send a handful of reminders close to the appointment date which is helpful! Staff is very friendly and good at chair side manner. Would recommend this office to anyone in need of a new dentist/hygienist!
Hannah BinghamHannah Bingham
00:54 08 Feb 23
The best dental experience I’ve had in so long! Everyone was so nice and compassionate. In the past, I’ve left other dental offices crying because they were too aggressive and condescending. But, I left SMILING from future dentistry because it was such an amazing, easy, and reassuring visit. Gentle, calm, and very positive attitudes from everyone. Highly recommend!!!
Bobby CurrieBobby Currie
00:42 27 Jan 23
Dr Nguyen was exceptional! He has a true talent for what he does, I’ll never go to another office, I feel so comfortable and taken care of by the whole team from the clinical staff all the way to the front desk, 5 stars all the way.
Stephen PhamStephen Pham
00:55 04 Jan 23
Consistent on reminders and call backs about appointments in case you forgot. I had a cleaning done for the day and it was great, always appreciative of the goodie bag every visit. Professional looking office with great receptionists, being kind and personable.Dr. Nguyen is great himself, he doesn't give fluff talk and tells me what's needed to be done, rather than some experiences I had where dentists will sorta look down on you and give you that judgmental criticism.
Andrew VAndrew V
00:50 20 Dec 22
The best in the dental industry… atleast I think. I would not want to go anywhere else, the Billerica office I can not say enough, they let you know what should be done in your oral care and they work with great care, they are very attentive as professionals in the business. The front office staff is an extra bonus. very friendly! They are truly there for you as a patient.
Sarena RondeauSarena Rondeau
00:48 13 Dec 22
The entire staff in this office have been super helpful, kind and solution-based. The thought of getting work done on my teeth has always scared me but Olivia and Dr. Nuygen helped guide me and ease my worries through my treatment plan. I appreciate all the hard work and hours everyone at this Dentist puts into their work.
Daniel BabinDaniel Babin
00:50 22 Nov 22
I have been coming here for 4 years. It all started with them taking amazing care of me for and emergency broken tooth and I have never had anything but excellent experiences. Dr. Dan and all the Dental Hygenists are so skilled and friendly! I always walk away with my mouth feeling amazing and a big smile on my face!!
Aisha FigueroaAisha Figueroa
23:43 27 Oct 22
From the moment I walked in the door from the staff at the front desk, the hygienist who assisted and did my cleaning and the doctor who answered every single question I had best patient experience I have ever had! And who likes to go to the dentist these days!? Amazing staff professional and knowledgeable!!
Mark DumontMark Dumont
23:05 23 Aug 22
I honestly couldn’t have been more happy and satisfied with my experience with Dr.Nguyen and his assistant Olivia in the Billerica location! I had numerous fillings on my front teeth that were not done correctly by a different Doctor.They were making me feel insecure and worried about my smile, and after consulting and having my appointment with the doctor and Olivia, I feel I have a renewed lease on my smile and confidence. Dr.Nguyen made me feel very confident in his professionalism and knowledge in dentistry the moment we first spoke and through my appointment, Olivia was amazingly professional, while at the same time made me comfortable and re-assured in the whole process , it made everything so easy mentally. I cannot wait to continue using them for my cleanings and future appointments, and to recommend them to anyone I know!
Deborah CDeborah C
17:57 04 Aug 22
ALWAYS AN AMAZING SERVICES. Front staff very friendly, professional and welcoming. I had a cleaning today and the dental hygienist was very professional, nice and patient with me. I had 2 concerns and she took her time to explain and reassure me that everything was ok. Dr. Nguyen came in after to make sure my concerns were addressed and to make sure I had no other questions.I went to the Chelmsford location this time- loved it (its 6mins from my house!!)Thank you for the amazing service guys!! See you all in 6 months 🙂
D NelD Nel
20:00 20 Jun 22
I’ve had a very positive experience here!The staffs are kind and professional, they respond very quickly as well.
Alycia TecciAlycia Tecci
23:40 07 Jun 22
I moved to Billerica and was unhappy with my prior dentist. Future of Dentistry got me in same day for an emergent toothache and was able to refer me to an oral surgeon who removed the tooth. Future of Demtistry’s reception team helped me through all the paperwork without me finding my insurance card. The entire team was happy and helpful throughout my entire experience. I’m happy to have a new dentist!!
Karen FarmerKaren Farmer
23:45 11 May 22
Personnel always pleasant. Office is immaculate, while being comfortable and relaxing. Music and continuous scenery shown on a big screen add to a calming effect. Very professional and pleasant staff.
Randy ColonRandy Colon
13:13 20 Apr 22
Switched to this dentist a couple years ago and have never had a bad experience. Had a crown made, couple fillings and cleanings here. The team is great to work with and Dr. Nguyen does excellent work! The operations are well run and appointments / procedures are communicated efficiently which is refreshing. Do yourself the favor and go here for your chompah maintenance!
Jennifer StaplesJennifer Staples
01:09 13 Apr 22
I cant say enough about Future of Dentistry! This place is amazing!! You will not be disappointed in any way!
Natalie PerezNatalie Perez
03:02 07 Apr 22
Very happy with my with my new dentist, Dr. Nguyen! He has excellent bedside manner, down to earth, & most importantly gentle. Dr. Nguyen takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. All of the staff at Future of Dentistry are Amazing. Overall a friendly & professional atmosphere from the moment you walk in.
kathleen cordeirokathleen cordeiro
14:37 16 Mar 22
I went for a consultation and as soon as I walked in the decor in the office was very calm and home-like. The front desk employee, Erin I believe, was very kind and courteous making sure that I was able to get my previous dental office to get my records sent over to help my appointment go smoother. When Dr. Nguyen looked at my teeth he explained everything clearly so that I would understand exactly what they had planned for me and was even able to start my deep cleaning in that same appointment, which saved me another trip and time off from work. I appreciate all of the effort they put in to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of. Definitely the best staff I've encountered in a dental office. There were no attitudes in sight and it was a quiet and relaxed environment.
Sashi RavikumarSashi Ravikumar
17:20 29 Dec 21
Very welcoming and friendly staff. Dr.Nguyen was caring, informative and excellent service.Highly recommend.
Can’t say enough about this place. Everyone is so nice. The office is immaculate. The waiting room is so cute, but I never actually spend time there because they run on time. Tara the hygienist is the sweetest and Dr. Nguyen is awesome too. They were great with my 2 year old as well!
William FavaWilliam Fava
00:47 02 Dec 21
I can't overstate my satisfaction with Future of Dentistry. Becoming a patient was quick and easy, and every visit has been nothing but pleasant. All of the staff are courteous, friendly, and personable. They were very helpful working with me to figure out my options for procedures and what my out-of-pocket costs would look like. As someone with a storied dental history, I'm very satisfied to have found such a great experience in my own backyard.The dental assistant, hygienist, and Dr. Nguyen are all top-notch professionals. Everyone took time to check in and make sure I was comfortable and aware of next steps throughout my visits. And at risk of sounding too hyperbolic, I left my latest appointment thinking Dr. Nguyen is an artist with the precision of a watchmaker. Both me and my fiancé are very happy with his work.If you're seeking a better dental experience, Future of Dentistry is highly recommended!
Tiffany RegolinoTiffany Regolino
14:35 02 Nov 21
Had my first appointment here and am super happy with everything! The doctor helped me pick the best option for me and my situation. The assistant taking molds of my mouth made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Front desk staff was great with making sure they could fit me in for my next appointment and made sure it worked with my personal schedule
Dayse DoliverDayse Doliver
02:41 06 Oct 21
Future of Dentistry is an amazing hidden gem! Conveniently located with plenty of parking. This is an updated and state of the art office. Upon arrival I was greeted by the most caring and professional staff. The hygienist who did my cleaning was spectacular. I went back to complete dental work and was once again very pleased with the levels of professionalism and dedication by the Dentist and his entire team. I will recommend this practice to all my friends and family.
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