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Tooth Extractions

At Future of Dentistry, we focus on the oral-systemic link. That’s because we’re committed to helping you maintain your best possible overall health, including dental health. 

Because dental health can impact the whole body, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best option. Removing a problem tooth before the problem can spread is key to maintaining overall systemic health.

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Why Get a Tooth Extraction?

We get it, no one wants to hear they need to have a tooth removed. We always explore all the options for preserving and maintaining your natural teeth. However, sometimes tooth extractions are the best way to preserve your health. 

You may be surprised to learn there are several benefits to having a tooth pulled:

To Prevent Decay and Infection

One of the reasons both decay and infection are such serious issues is that they don’t simply affect one tooth. Left untreated, decay and infection will spread. The longer these issues are ignored, the more serious the issue can become, including impact on the gums and jaw. 

If you suspect you have a problem tooth, call our Billerica practice at 978-663-4303 right away. 

To Address Damaged Teeth

When a tooth is damaged, the problem isn’t isolated to that one tooth; it can impact your overall dental health. 

Breaks and cracks can worsen, spreading to the tooth’s pulp, requiring more drastic interventions at a later date. These cracks can also provide a home for bacteria, leading to decay and infection. Removing a damaged tooth can prevent the damage from spreading or from causing other, more serious issues. 

To Provide Pain Relief

A toothache can range in severity from distracting to debilitating. And that pain often signals an infection or other serious issues. In these cases, tooth removal may be the quickest and most efficient way to address the problem. Having a tooth extracted can result in immediate pain relief. 

Tooth Extraction Process

At our Billerica office, we make the tooth extraction process as quick and comfortable as possible. 

Focus on Relaxation

We understand that having a tooth removed can be stressful. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of tools to make the process as soothing as possible. As soon as you arrive at your appointment, you’ll be offered our “comfort menu” so the relaxation can begin right away.

Quick and Efficient

We know you’re busy! While the exact procedure time varies depending on your unique needs, single tooth extraction is generally completed in less than one hour. 

Simple Healing

As part of your tooth extraction procedure, your dentist will explain the healing process that you can expect. In general, it only takes a few days to recover from tooth removal. At a minimum, you’ll want to take it easy for 24 hours after your procedure. 

The healing process will be made more comfortable by following the aftercare instructions we provide, including the use of ice packs to help reduce pain and any swelling you may experience.  

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are one of the most common reasons you might need teeth extracted. Your wisdom teeth are the last molars to form in your mouth, usually during your teen years, when you already have a full set of teeth. 

Why Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Often, there simply isn’t enough room in the mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth as they grow in. Compounding this issue, wisdom teeth are prone to becoming impacted — which means they grow at an angle that places additional pressure on the neighboring teeth. 

This overcrowding from impacted wisdom teeth is not only painful, but can lead to other oral problems, such as cysts, infections, or cavities. To prevent this, you may decide to proactively undergo wisdom teeth removal. The sooner we are able to evaluate and remove the wisdom teeth, the more likely it is that you can have a speedy recovery.

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Like all of our procedures, the first step is a comprehensive evaluation. Our dentists will look at your overall dental health and use diagnostic tools such as x-rays to form a complete picture of your teeth and jaw. 

When you move forward with wisdom tooth removal, the procedure is performed in-office and usually takes only an hour. 

  • The first step is to administer the local anesthesia and numb the areas.
  • When the tooth is beneath the gum line, an incision is made in the gums. 
  • The wisdom tooth is removed either whole or in pieces. 
  • The extraction site is irrigated and cleaned out. 
  • If an incision was made, stitches might be placed. 
  • Lastly, gauze is placed over the extraction site to help stop any bleeding. 

It’s common to require some recovery time with us in the office. When you’re ready to go home, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to ensure a smooth recovery process. 

Call our Billerica practice to learn more about tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal today: 978-663-4303

Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews on Google!

Stephen PhamStephen Pham
00:55 04 Jan 23
Consistent on reminders and call backs about appointments in case you forgot. I had a cleaning done for the day and it was great, always appreciative of the goodie bag every visit. Professional looking office with great receptionists, being kind and personable.Dr. Nguyen is great himself, he doesn't give fluff talk and tells me what's needed to be done, rather than some experiences I had where dentists will sorta look down on you and give you that judgmental criticism.
Andrew VAndrew V
00:50 20 Dec 22
The best in the dental industry… atleast I think. I would not want to go anywhere else, the Billerica office I can not say enough, they let you know what should be done in your oral care and they work with great care, they are very attentive as professionals in the business. The front office staff is an extra bonus. very friendly! They are truly there for you as a patient.
Sarena RondeauSarena Rondeau
00:48 13 Dec 22
The entire staff in this office have been super helpful, kind and solution-based. The thought of getting work done on my teeth has always scared me but Olivia and Dr. Nuygen helped guide me and ease my worries through my treatment plan. I appreciate all the hard work and hours everyone at this Dentist puts into their work.
Daniel BabinDaniel Babin
00:50 22 Nov 22
I have been coming here for 4 years. It all started with them taking amazing care of me for and emergency broken tooth and I have never had anything but excellent experiences. Dr. Dan and all the Dental Hygenists are so skilled and friendly! I always walk away with my mouth feeling amazing and a big smile on my face!!
Aisha FigueroaAisha Figueroa
23:43 27 Oct 22
From the moment I walked in the door from the staff at the front desk, the hygienist who assisted and did my cleaning and the doctor who answered every single question I had best patient experience I have ever had! And who likes to go to the dentist these days!? Amazing staff professional and knowledgeable!!
Mark DumontMark Dumont
23:05 23 Aug 22
I honestly couldn’t have been more happy and satisfied with my experience with Dr.Nguyen and his assistant Olivia in the Billerica location! I had numerous fillings on my front teeth that were not done correctly by a different Doctor.They were making me feel insecure and worried about my smile, and after consulting and having my appointment with the doctor and Olivia, I feel I have a renewed lease on my smile and confidence. Dr.Nguyen made me feel very confident in his professionalism and knowledge in dentistry the moment we first spoke and through my appointment, Olivia was amazingly professional, while at the same time made me comfortable and re-assured in the whole process , it made everything so easy mentally. I cannot wait to continue using them for my cleanings and future appointments, and to recommend them to anyone I know!
Deborah CDeborah C
17:57 04 Aug 22
5 STARS ☆☆☆☆☆Dr.Nguyen and staff are AMAZING!!!PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY and CARING.I had an emergency and so had to find a place to go , did a Google search and there it was. TBH I was so nervous/embarrassed to go see a dentist because its been a while since I had a visit w/ a dentist.I contacted them, scheduled my appt (very smooth and easy). Arrived to my appt and the front staff greeted me with a smile 😊 , that made me feel less nervous. Within mins the dentist assistant called me in , once again with a smile she introduced herself, asked me a few questions, did what she needed to do and got me ready for the Doctor/Dentist.Dr Nguyen came in, introduced himself and gave me the opportunity to explain what my issue was. I (like many others) explained the situation and tried to justify why I haven't seen a dentist in a while 🙄 , I felt I would be judged👀 BUT LET ME TELL YOU !! he was so nice and professional ; he made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. At no point in time I felt uncomfortable even during the procedure! I felt NO pain AT ALL!! He took his time to ensure that I was ok during the procedures ( that was awesome)I loved the service I received and continue receiving from the entire staff and I would definitely recommend FUTURE OF DENTISTRY to anyone.
D NelD Nel
20:00 20 Jun 22
I’ve had a very positive experience here!The staffs are kind and professional, they respond very quickly as well.
Alycia TecciAlycia Tecci
23:40 07 Jun 22
I moved to Billerica and was unhappy with my prior dentist. Future of Dentistry got me in same day for an emergent toothache and was able to refer me to an oral surgeon who removed the tooth. Future of Demtistry’s reception team helped me through all the paperwork without me finding my insurance card. The entire team was happy and helpful throughout my entire experience. I’m happy to have a new dentist!!
Karen FarmerKaren Farmer
23:45 11 May 22
Personnel always pleasant. Office is immaculate, while being comfortable and relaxing. Music and continuous scenery shown on a big screen add to a calming effect. Very professional and pleasant staff.
Randy ColonRandy Colon
13:13 20 Apr 22
Switched to this dentist a couple years ago and have never had a bad experience. Had a crown made, couple fillings and cleanings here. The team is great to work with and Dr. Nguyen does excellent work! The operations are well run and appointments / procedures are communicated efficiently which is refreshing. Do yourself the favor and go here for your chompah maintenance!
Jennifer StaplesJennifer Staples
01:09 13 Apr 22
I cant say enough about Future of Dentistry! This place is amazing!! You will not be disappointed in any way!
Natalie PerezNatalie Perez
03:02 07 Apr 22
Very happy with my with my new dentist, Dr. Nguyen! He has excellent bedside manner, down to earth, & most importantly gentle. Dr. Nguyen takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. All of the staff at Future of Dentistry are Amazing. Overall a friendly & professional atmosphere from the moment you walk in.
kathleen cordeirokathleen cordeiro
14:37 16 Mar 22
I went for a consultation and as soon as I walked in the decor in the office was very calm and home-like. The front desk employee, Erin I believe, was very kind and courteous making sure that I was able to get my previous dental office to get my records sent over to help my appointment go smoother. When Dr. Nguyen looked at my teeth he explained everything clearly so that I would understand exactly what they had planned for me and was even able to start my deep cleaning in that same appointment, which saved me another trip and time off from work. I appreciate all of the effort they put in to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of. Definitely the best staff I've encountered in a dental office. There were no attitudes in sight and it was a quiet and relaxed environment.
Sashi RavikumarSashi Ravikumar
17:20 29 Dec 21
Very welcoming and friendly staff. Dr.Nguyen was caring, informative and excellent service.Highly recommend.
Can’t say enough about this place. Everyone is so nice. The office is immaculate. The waiting room is so cute, but I never actually spend time there because they run on time. Tara the hygienist is the sweetest and Dr. Nguyen is awesome too. They were great with my 2 year old as well!
William FavaWilliam Fava
00:47 02 Dec 21
I can't overstate my satisfaction with Future of Dentistry. Becoming a patient was quick and easy, and every visit has been nothing but pleasant. All of the staff are courteous, friendly, and personable. They were very helpful working with me to figure out my options for procedures and what my out-of-pocket costs would look like. As someone with a storied dental history, I'm very satisfied to have found such a great experience in my own backyard.The dental assistant, hygienist, and Dr. Nguyen are all top-notch professionals. Everyone took time to check in and make sure I was comfortable and aware of next steps throughout my visits. And at risk of sounding too hyperbolic, I left my latest appointment thinking Dr. Nguyen is an artist with the precision of a watchmaker. Both me and my fiancé are very happy with his work.If you're seeking a better dental experience, Future of Dentistry is highly recommended!
Tiffany RegolinoTiffany Regolino
14:35 02 Nov 21
Had my first appointment here and am super happy with everything! The doctor helped me pick the best option for me and my situation. The assistant taking molds of my mouth made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Front desk staff was great with making sure they could fit me in for my next appointment and made sure it worked with my personal schedule
Dayse DoliverDayse Doliver
02:41 06 Oct 21
Future of Dentistry is an amazing hidden gem! Conveniently located with plenty of parking. This is an updated and state of the art office. Upon arrival I was greeted by the most caring and professional staff. The hygienist who did my cleaning was spectacular. I went back to complete dental work and was once again very pleased with the levels of professionalism and dedication by the Dentist and his entire team. I will recommend this practice to all my friends and family.
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