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Tooth Extractions

At Future of Dentistry, we’re not just interested in your dental health; we’re committed to helping you maintain overall health and wellness. That’s why we focus on the oral-systemic link; the way your oral health impacts your whole body. In order to preserve overall health, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best option. 

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Why Get a Tooth Extraction?

We know most people don’t want to hear they need to have a tooth removed, but there are several benefits to having a tooth pulled:

Preventing Decay and Infection

When a tooth is suffering from decay or infection, it’s likely to spread. Not only can the decay spread to surrounding teeth, but infection can also impact your gums and, in serious cases, can even spread to the jaw. 

We’ll always work with you to explore all options for repairing your natural tooth, but in some cases, tooth extraction is the best way to preserve your overall health. 

Damaged Teeth

A damaged tooth doesn’t exist in isolation. When one tooth becomes weak, it impacts overall oral health. Cracks can deepen to affect the tooth’s pulp, and cracks and breaks give bacteria a place to hide. What begins as a seemingly small problem can become a much larger issue if the damaged tooth isn’t addressed. Removing the tooth can prevent these problems from spreading. 

Pain Relief

Dental pain can quickly become overwhelming. Whether from infection or other health issues, sometimes tooth removal is the quickest and most efficient way to address the problem. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Tooth Extraction Process

The entire tooth extraction process can take place at our Dracut office, and we’ll make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible. 

Keeping You Relaxed

We know the idea of having a tooth removed may fill you with dread. But our clinical team has tools to keep you calm and comfortable during your treatment. From our “comfort menu” to oral sedation options, we’ll work together to make your experience a soothing one. 

Procedure Time

The length of the procedure depends on the number of teeth being extracted and whether the extraction is simple or surgical. 

If only one tooth is being removed, the procedure will likely be completed in under an hour. 

Healing Process

In most cases, it only takes a few days to heal from having a tooth removed. Your dentist will explain what you can expect based on your procedure and provide aftercare instructions. 

Be sure to take it easy for at least 24 hours after your procedure. Cold compresses or insulated ice packs may be used to help with pain or swelling. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that typically grow in between the ages of 17 and 25. Unfortunately, the mouth often doesn’t have room to accommodate wisdom teeth, which leads to numerous problems. 

Why Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When wisdom teeth begin to grow in, they may press against their neighboring teeth, pushing them out of alignment and resulting in crowding. This is especially true when wisdom teeth are impacted — meaning that they’re growing in at an angle. 

As the wisdom teeth force the other teeth to move, the teeth may begin to overlap, causing both cosmetic issues and health risks. Overlapping teeth are more vulnerable to breaks and cracks, and when the teeth are too close together, they also become harder to clean. 

Removing the wisdom teeth can stop these problems before they start.

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common extraction procedures we perform. The first step is to have our dentists evaluate your wisdom teeth to determine if they need extractions and explain any other care that may be needed. 

The wisdom tooth removal procedure is performed in-office and usually takes only an hour. 

  • We start by administering the anesthesia and sedation options you’ve decided on with our dentists.
  • If necessary, an incision is made in the gums. 
  • The wisdom tooth is removed either whole or in pieces. 
  • The area of the removed tooth is cleaned. 
  • If necessary, stitches are put into place. 
  • Finally, gauze is placed over the extraction site. 

Depending on the sedation options used, you may have some recovery time in our office. When you go home, you’ll leave with complete aftercare instructions, including pain relief information. 

Call our Dracut practice to learn more about tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal today: 978-957-1811

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Jodie WightmanJodie Wightman
00:41 29 Dec 22
My first time going today. Such a friendly staff. The receptionist Kim was more than helpful with finding out info about my insurance coverage. The hygienist Doris was amazing. She explained everything so well. She was so sweet and we had some laughs as well. Highly recommend this place.
Ann f LooaconoAnn f Looacono
10:47 16 Nov 22
Hi I went for my first visit there yesterday the practice was well known by a friend of mine and I had a great experience from Kim the receptionist and the hygienist Doris to dr Astoria all we’re so nice and well welcoming and I so appreciate it I would recommend this dentist practice to all can’t wait to next visit. Thanks again
Ana CAna C
23:39 02 Nov 22
Everyone is friendly and understanding. The dentist is amazing and always attentive to detail. The fact that they do most procedures in one place is great. I feel super comfortable about everything they do!
Collin RileyCollin Riley
01:07 22 Oct 22
1st visit, the team went above and beyond welcoming and offering high level of care. They were amazing with my elderly mother, just very compassionate taking time to fully explain everything and made her visit wonderful. Really can't say enough, definitely a 5 star place based on the staff alone.
Jess AJess A
19:48 12 Oct 22
Like many people, I have struggled with medical anxiety for my entire life. However, visiting Future of Dentistry in Dracut, MA has transformed my perspective of what going to the dentist can be like. As a patient at FoD, both my physical and emotional comfort is always made a top priority during my visits. I am encouraged to do whatever is needed to help the process go smoothly, whether it's bringing a stuffed toy or listening to music during procedures. I have also learned so much about dental care from the practitioners who continually answer my questions with plenty of information and patience. I always recommend this place to others, stating that "it's the best dental office I have ever been to!" Thanks to everyone at FoD in Dracut!
Maura DonahueMaura Donahue
23:41 04 Oct 22
I just moved to Dracut and I broke a tooth! I got Facebook recommendations for a few dental practices. I left a message for Future of Dentistry and they called back immediately. Excellent customer service. They fit me in right away and even scheduled a cleaning within one week. Very professional front desk, Dentist, dental assistant and hygienist. The admin knew alot about our two insurance plans. Very personable and caring staff! I highly recommend this group.
Betzaida RamirezBetzaida Ramirez
00:06 15 Sep 22
I love this dental office. The staff are so compassionate and really respect your wishes. Amazing Hygienist and amazing Dentists.
Susy CarnevaleSusy Carnevale
00:37 25 Aug 22
Fantastic staff. Professional, friendly, and caring. Highly recommended!
Cathy HebertCathy Hebert
00:10 28 Jul 22
Great Dentist! Awesome Staff! Amazing Dental Work! Highly Recommend ⭐️
Joscelyne PerkinsJoscelyne Perkins
23:41 20 Jul 22
Everyone is so kind and compassionate! Dr.Austria has a gentle touch! They are AMAZING!
madison willeymadison willey
00:53 23 Jun 22
I just started going to this dentist and I love it. I have an extreme dentil phobia and everyone makes me feel welcome and assured that I will be okay. I just got a temporary filling and the numbing works so well, I didn’t feel a thing. They even gave me a blanket to calm me down and explained everything they were doing to me. Definitely recommend this place.
Judith PentedemosJudith Pentedemos
19:22 02 Jun 22
Everyone at this practice is welcoming and helpful. Tanya, who has been my Dental Hygienist for many years, is excellent and the reason that I stayed with the practice after Dr. Vermette left. I have been very happy with that decision and happily drive the 25+ miles to get there.
Jessica CarnevaleJessica Carnevale
01:35 02 Jun 22
Cori is amazing!! Extremely knowledgeable and very willing to provide dental education each visit. Appointments are always on time and the environment is spotless. I’ve convinced my whole family to receive their dental care here. Would highly recommend!!
Melannies TiradoMelannies Tirado
19:37 01 Jun 22
Can’t say enough wonderful things about this team at the Dracut location. I have such a phobia of the dentist and I had a dental emergency and was in agony for days over the holiday weekend. After seeing my regular dentist and being disappointed with their recommendations, I called this office after it was highly recommended by a friend. This was the best decision I could have made. I called and explained my situation, they got me right in, provided me with all the information I needed in order for me to make the best decision possible. They made me feel comfortable, cared for, like family. Dr Oliver Austria and his assistant Courtney were top notch. For any and all dental needs, please run to this office, you will not be disappointed!
Sean MurphySean Murphy
02:17 25 May 22
I had Dr Oliver Austria for invisalign. There was an add for a free consultation online. I set an appointment, had a full consultation with x rays, advised of several options available to me and walked out without spending one penny. Dr Austria is fiercely meticulous, graduated from Tufts university and is the best of the best.
Mike FitzpatrickMike Fitzpatrick
22:20 24 May 22
Awesome staff across the board. Been to this location and Wakefield, very highly recommended both locations and all staff.
Marangelie QuinonezMarangelie Quinonez
21:17 23 Apr 22
Came in the office so scared in the past in other offices the atmosphere was so different but I was greeted with a smile the staff was so knowledgeable made me feel comfortable and I had a pleasant experience. Will definitely recommend this office to many of my friends and coworkers and above all the work was done professional and proficient .
Kelly RierisKelly Rieris
11:47 21 Apr 22
Everyone here are so nice and lovely , beginning with the Staffs to the Hygienists and Doctor. If you a new patient and looking for a great place to go to, please give Future of Dentistry - Dracut a chance and you won't regret.
Joan LaurenzaJoan Laurenza
17:22 25 Mar 22
Very professional office and all clean protocols in place. Interested in the what's best for the patient. Takes time to explain things and answer questions.
Margaret NorcottMargaret Norcott
14:38 24 Feb 22
I cannot say enough great things about Future of Dentistry. My visits are like spending time with my friends. From the minute I walk in to the time I leave “ I truly enjoy going to the dentist” Thank you Dr. Austria and all of the Dracut FOD family
Jerilynn JacobsonJerilynn Jacobson
16:13 21 Jan 22
Best dentists and hygienist ever. Super competent and kind staff. I actually love going for appointments. Could not ask for better or more responsive care for my family or me.
Marge A. HansonMarge A. Hanson
03:06 20 Jan 22
Excellent staff and service. My family and I have gone to this dental office for years. Tanya is the best hygienist ever! They are always on time for your appointments too! Would highly recommend if you are looking for a new dental office!
Callie BaronCallie Baron
01:10 06 Jan 22
I have had Tanya as my dental hygienist for several years now She is always friendly ,caring,and professional. She does an excellent job each and every time.I have also had to have procedures done over the last 2 years , caps and fillings and am very pleased with the quality of care I received by Dr Austria and his assistant.
Dave CollinsDave Collins
14:09 30 Dec 21
I can really say, I enjoy visiting the dentist when I come here. Kim always remembers my name and greets me warmly when I arrive. My hygienist Cori tailors my care around my comfort level as best as possible and Dr. Austria is friendly, gentle and very knowledgeable. I have referred many friends and family to this office and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!
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