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Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant consists of two parts, a titanium rod implanted into your jaw and a porcelain dental crown that our implant dentists affix to the rod. 

The finished replacement tooth looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth and doesn’t require any special cleaning or care. You’ll brush and floss your teeth like normal.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Teeth implants don’t just look and feel like natural teeth; they also provide health benefits similar to natural teeth. 

Teeth work as a team, so it can destabilize the whole system when one is lost. The other teeth need to work harder, which can cause undue wear and tear, and the other teeth may also shift their positions to fill the gap. This shifting can even lead to additional tooth loss. 

The dental implant doesn’t just replace the tooth, as a bridge or denture might; it also replaces the root. Without a natural tooth root or an implant, the space left in the jaw can degrade.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Teeth implants don’t just look and feel like natural teeth; they also provide health benefits similar to natural teeth. 

Teeth work as a team, so it can destabilize the whole system when one is lost. The other teeth need to work harder, which can cause undue wear and tear, and the other teeth may also shift their positions to fill the gap. This shifting can even lead to additional tooth loss. 

The dental implant doesn’t just replace the tooth, as a bridge or denture might; it also replaces the root. Without a natural tooth root or an implant, the space left in the jaw can degrade.


As a dental implant heals, the jawbone and even gum tissue grow around it, making teeth implants as stable as normal, healthy teeth. 


Teeth implants are so secure that they function like your natural teeth. You’ll be able to talk, sing, eat, and chew the way you did before the implant procedure — and possibly even better! 

Unlike some other tooth replacement options, with teeth implants, you’ll be able to eat all your favorite foods, even apples, corn, and steak.


Because teeth implants are paired with porcelain crowns, they can be customized to match the look and color of neighboring teeth, leaving you with a healthy, natural-looking smile you can feel good about. 

Smile improvements

Missing, damaged, or decayed teeth can have a detrimental impact on your smile and confidence. 

Because teeth implants can preserve and even help restore jawbone, implants can also help restore face shape that can be lost when the jawbone degrades.

Dental Implants Process

Receiving dental implants is a process that takes place over multiple visits. 

The first step working with the implant dentists at our North Andover practice to evaluate whether dental implants are right for you. Ideal candidates for dental implants are in good overall health and have enough healthy jawbone to support the implants. 

Next, if necessary, any damaged or broken teeth the implant will replace are removed. 

The placement of the implants will take place over two or more visits. First, the titanium rods are implanted and given time to heal. During this time, the jawbone will fuse with the implants, and you’ll have temporary crowns. 

At the next appointment, we’ll evaluate the implant, and if it is sufficiently fused with the jawbone, we’ll attach the permanent porcelain crown. 

After a dental implant procedure, some soreness can be expected. But in many cases, recovery takes only a few days. Your implant dentist will make sure you understand what to expect from your recovery and healing process based on the details of your procedure.

Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an investment in your health. Many other tooth replacement options, such as dentures or bridges, require maintenance and even replacement every five-to-ten years. 

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. 

While it may be tempting to ignore a gap left from a missing tooth, the costs of this decision will add up. A missing tooth leads to damage of the remaining teeth and can even contribute to other teeth being lost. Not only that, but a missing tooth will lead to bone loss in the jaw, which over time can impact your appearance and can also limit replacement options in the future. 

Receiving dental implants is a highly customized procedure. Costs vary depending on the work performed, such as the number of teeth being replaced and the amount of prep work necessary before beginning the implant procedure. 

Call our North Andover location at 978-685-8313 to learn more and let our implant dentists customize the right procedure for you.

Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews on Google!

Jenni TalbotJenni Talbot
22:00 26 Sep 23
Such a friendly office and up to date on all of the current dental technology. Lori the hygienist is A++.
Miriam SmithMiriam Smith
01:19 20 Sep 23
Exceptional, professional work. Kind, caring atmosphere. Never had oral surgery before. Given all things, expedited well and with good support.
Carlo ZambonelliCarlo Zambonelli
01:07 19 Sep 23
Raymond ShawRaymond Shaw
14:33 15 Sep 23
I have never had so much fun at the Dentist's office! Jo'el had me laughing non-stop, Connie at the front desk is kind and supportive. While cleaning my teeth, Holly gave really super advice about dental care. Dr. Denis is kind, informative, caring, and attentive. Oh, and they all do a really great job! I've always been kind of anxious at the dentist's office, and all of the people here are always so understanding and really put me at ease. I can't say I really look forward to going to the dentist's office, but it's always a good experience at this office.
c monc mon
23:53 06 Sep 23
I have been to many Dentists and practices in my time. I have to say , from the initial visit / introduction, to the time I left my visit, I legitimately enjoyed my time there. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive , friendly and extremely professional -As far as the Dr - Dr Dennis , Extremely skilled, professional, friendly and know his industry and profession very well .He does amazing work - I did not feel the novocain, nor was I uncomfortable throughout the entire visit -Very Very skilled Doctors Drs - Dr Dennis is the best !!!
John NascimentoJohn Nascimento
21:05 06 Sep 23
Everyone there was very nice and really educated me step by step
Jennifer BraceroJennifer Bracero
02:42 30 Aug 23
Unbelievably kind, gentle and very understanding staff. Being an anxious patient, they have made my visits much more easy to deal with. Don’t think twice - just go!
Marc L MosierMarc L Mosier
14:18 23 Aug 23
After receiving my dental care in Boston (for 20 years) at a multi-specialty dental practice, I decided to look locally. I was looking for a progressive, experienced practice who provides complete care with attention to detail.My first visit was well orchestrated and timely, with the office staff being very informative and pleasant to work with.As with most good clinical practices, they were thorough in their initial assessment, with review of my clinical history, an oral screening and X-rays to establish a current baseline of my health.On to a thorough painless dental cleaning, with periodic discussion of findings during the cleaning.Dr. Denis Jakuj was personable and well prepared for the consult with his review of my films prior to beginning his exam. The approach was thorough with a collaborative discussion of my previous dental work and most importantly, my current dental status. He was knowledgeable & offered a viable dental care plan to follow, as well as treat the most prevalent issues.It was a pleasure to find a dental practice that took a complete approach to everything from appointment scheduling, insurance, disclosure of costs for procedures and the actual dental care.
01:51 02 Aug 23
They did an extremely thorough deep cleaning. Providing explanation and images throughout the appt.I had a pain free appt for two fillings and will never go anywhere else.The receptionist gave me a juice and ice pack and water on my way out due to being numb from the numbing agents.Dr. Dennis is a kind angel that works well, fast and is friendly.His whole staff is awesome.
Corene SawyerCorene Sawyer
01:53 21 Jun 23
I am 74 years old, so that’s a lot of years experience with Dentists. This office is by far the absolute best I have ever been to in all those years! Future of Dentistry is so appropriately named. I was made to feel like I was the only patient in the office that day, from the Office Manager, the Hygienist to the Dentist…all professional, but they went that extra mile to make me feel comfortable and in good hands. It looks like I really lucked out this time!! And I noticed my teeth were whiter than any other cleaning I have ever had as well.
Eduardo CaimaresEduardo Caimares
12:03 06 Jun 23
Amazing staff and care. Everyone was kind and did a fantastic job of answering all my silly questions. I received the most thorough and gentle cleaning I have ever had in my entire life. I'll be coming here from now on.
Olimpio DeMarcoOlimpio DeMarco
18:52 25 May 23
The team at Willows does a great job, and they care about customer satisfaction. I was not completely satisfied with my teeth whitening procedure, so they had me back a second time and applied two more bleaching sessions at no extra cost. Now, my smile is bright!
Florence StreckerFlorence Strecker
01:56 16 May 23
Simply put, that dentist's office is fantastic. I never thought I would come to enjoy going to the dentist as much as I do now. I love the staff, the ambiance, the personal attention they all give to their patients. Everyone there is courteous, making an appointment is easy, and they have always been on time in the past two years since I started going there. I recommend the Future of Dentistry in a heartbeat and with no reservation.
Michaela MoranoMichaela Morano
11:15 12 Apr 23
The Willows group has been very professional and kind. After lousy experiences elsewhere, I was glad to have been recommended to this office. If you're looking to beat your fear of going to the dentist, this is the place to do it! - They made everything pain-free and as comfortable as possible.
Idenice SargutIdenice Sargut
01:23 30 Mar 23
The staffs are amazing and my dentist Hygiene is the best! She has a lot patiences, very gentle and make me feel very comfortable even though, I always have high anxiety when I go to the dentist and she makes me feel calm. Thank you!
Kristin NaumannKristin Naumann
01:03 05 Jan 23
Outstanding Team! I was sincerely welcomed as a new patient. The Willows pros worked hard to sort out my insurance coverage (!) Wow. Great follow up and communication, pre and post extractions. THANK YOU. I'm so glad I found the Future of Dentistry at Willows. Best dental practice I've ever been to, without question.
Katie LangevinKatie Langevin
18:29 05 Oct 22
Really loved my experience here as a new patient! I was nervous since I had not been to the dentist in 3 years and was experiencing some sensitivity. The staff made me feel completely comfortable and everyone was incredibly kind. The entire team was very helpful and informative!
Esma JakujEsma Jakuj
06:10 30 Sep 22
I can't say enough good things about Willow Dental group and their entire staff. Their white glove level service sets them apart from any other dental office I've visited! From the moment I walked into the office, Jessica was there to graciously greet me (she was smiling under that mask) and quickly checked me in for my appointment. Upon checkout, Connie was efficient and friendly! Dr. Denis was so informative and gentle while treating my broken crown. I will trust and recommend all my friends and family to Willow Dental Group.
Mayle PachecoMayle Pacheco
14:46 22 Sep 22
My first visit was excellent! The staff is amazing and the work is very professional. I was seen by the hygienist, Lori for my cleaning and she is the best! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new dental office!
Kendall BodenraderKendall Bodenrader
15:46 01 Sep 22
I absolutely hate going to the dentist it’s one of my biggest fears and causes me a lot of anxiety and this office worked with me and was very understanding. My hygienist was awesome Lori, and the dentist himself was great as well, super nice! I also was given a referral to Dr. Denis who was also very nice!
robert silvarobert silva
23:41 26 Aug 22
I have been coming here for many years and receiving excellent services, but this new team of doctors, hygienist and all staff members are the next level of dentistry. And these are the reasons why:1) Great customer service2) Care given to all their patients is the top priority3) Hygienist, Lori, is very thorough, she takes my blood pressure, checks my thyroid etc.,takes the time to answer all my questions, gives me tips and tools to use so that I can navigate my way for healthier results.4) Dental health is a very important part of our total overall health.5) I would recommend The Willows Dental Group to my friends and family to this great team of professionals.With Gratitude,Cecile LaRoche
Michael GillespieMichael Gillespie
12:51 25 Aug 22
I haven’t been to the dentist office for a long time. I have to say they are the best I’ve been to in my lifetime. They explain everything. Very trustworthy. Loree is the best. She’s very thorough and very informative. I would recommend anyone who needs dental work or is hesitant to go this is the place. The receptionist Connie was extremely helpful as well. They go above and beyond. Very happy 😃
Lyndsay DowdLyndsay Dowd
00:06 18 Aug 22
Lori the hygienist was lovely, professional and a fellow lefty! She made my visit a pleasure. Dr. Dennis is thorough and pleasant.
Ariel DupontAriel Dupont
20:02 27 Jul 22
I had my first appointment with Willows after attending their sister location in Wakefield. Lori was incredibly professional and made efforts to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I had a great experience and will be attending again.
J BoJ Bo
20:40 25 Jul 22
I'm not sure who likes going to the dentist.. but due to childhood trauma caused by a dentist I hate it.. at my last cleaning they pointed out I needed a deep cleaning.. which involve two separate appointments..all my phobias kicked in.. today was the first of two appointments.. and I told the hygienist my fears.. and that she was basically gonna decide if I come back for the second procedure or stop going to the dentist all together.. my hygienist Lori was amazing (the Best ever) . She understood what I went thru as a child and did everything she could to make me comfortable.. the procedure was painless and I can't believe I would ever say this.. but enjoyable.... My next appointment is Monday.. and I won't lose sleep the night before like I did last night... Thank you so much Lori!!!! You have made me feel comfortable in an environment I have hated my entire life... Can't say enough about Lori!!!!
Ed LongEd Long
15:37 21 Jul 22
Great place. Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. Making an appointment was easy and they take the time to explain everything. Highly recommend
Steve GoldSteve Gold
00:31 12 Jul 22
From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted with enthusiastic and very welcoming "Good Mornings." My wait time was less than 5 minutes. They still wear masks which is very comforting. Jess took me in and prepped me for my procedures. She was warm and gentle and set me at ease immediately. Dr. Denis handled my procedure. The two of them were very in-sync and they have a very calming repartee together. The entire procedure lasted for about 40 minutes. No pain. No strain. Dr. Denis uses this piece that he fits into your mouth to keep it opened. I've never had that before but it's awesome. He was thorough and before I knew it, we were done. Overall, an excellent experience at a top notch facility.
Karolina CostaKarolina Costa
23:37 28 Jun 22
Very friendly staff and I was very satisfied with the quality of their services.
kiana moranokiana morano
00:47 25 Jun 22
Everyone at Willows is friendly and genuinely kind. My procedure was painless and they had me out in no time at all
Masood SheikhMasood Sheikh
02:02 24 Jun 22
I am greatly impressed by Dr. Denis Jakuj's effort and caring. I highly recommend him for dental care. The staff is caring and nice as well.
Genevieve DesaulniersGenevieve Desaulniers
00:37 22 Jun 22
We always have such a wonderful experience here. Front staff are always helpful and courteous, hygienists are great with my kiddos, and I feel so comfortable with their continued attention to COVID precautions. We won’t go anywhere else!
Magdalena GyftopoulosMagdalena Gyftopoulos
00:16 24 Feb 22
Dr Jakuj has done a great job of helping me prioritize various dental issues. Over the past year and a half, I have finally been able to to deal with some things that I had let go for too long. The whole staff is really nice and professional and my anxiety about dentist appointments has lessened.
Martin ZweigMartin Zweig
01:27 18 Feb 22
Friendly staff, modern equipment, careful attention and good advice.
Keanu ShurdhaKeanu Shurdha
02:56 15 Feb 22
I had a great experience at Willows Dental Group, I was there about a week ago and It was a peasant visit from the start. The office was very organized and the dentists along with their assistances were all very helpful and nice. I went for a cleaning and in the same day they also filled out a cavity for me, I highly recommend this place.
Analise NicolosiAnalise Nicolosi
02:01 26 Jan 22
This was my first time at the dentist in a while, I was very nervous. Michelle put me right at ease. She was very personable and thorough. Her along with the rest of the staff relaxed me with their professionalism and bedside manner. Will definitely be returning for all my future dental needs/visits.
Sue HallSue Hall
10:50 10 Dec 21
I don't usually leave reviews, but I went to this practice for a second opinion and found them to be exceptional. The staff are friendly, efficient and accommodating and Dr Jakuj explained the services I needed so that I was comfortable with my decision to move forward. I will not hesitate to highly recommend them to friends and family.
Zak GravesZak Graves
16:26 29 Nov 21
I had a great first experience! My cleaning was with Cassie she is the best! Dr Denis clearly explained any future treatment and Kerry at the front was great with helping with my insurance questions. Thank you guys! 5 stars all around.
Happy TailsHappy Tails
18:23 23 Nov 21
Best Dentist Ever!!!Very informative spend time educating me, his X-ray images were superior to my past dentist.he gave he possible to probable diagnose, to help make my decision, I had went there for a 3rd opinion and definitely to smartest of the three, he knew his stuff. And I would want him doing my future work even though I love my past dentist, and the staff they were just a step above Jackie the tech was fantastic very helpful. Ty Steve
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