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General and Preventative Dentistry

Oral and dental health are closely linked with overall health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s so important to receive regular dental care — to focus on prevention and treat issues when they arise. 

“I can really say, I enjoy visiting the dentist when I come here. Kim always remembers my name and greets me warmly when I arrive. My hygienist Cori tailors my care around my comfort level as best as possible and Dr. Austria is friendly, gentle, and very knowledgeable. I have referred many friends and family to this office and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!” ~ Dave Collins

General Dentistry Services

Because regular dental care is essential, we want you to look forward to office visits. Our general dentistry team pays close attention to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible during treatment. 

Part of being comfortable is understanding why a procedure is necessary. Our dentists and clinical team always explain why a procedure is recommended and what each step of treatment will involve. 

At our Dracut practice, we’re raising relaxation to an art form. We’ve utilized a “comfort menu,” including magazines, blankets, headphones, neck pillows, lip balm, and more. And because we know that sometimes stress balls aren’t enough to ease anxiety, we’ll talk to you about your options, including oral sedation. 

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Family Dentistry

As a family dentistry practice, we believe becoming and staying healthy is a life-long process. 

That’s why we focus on preventative dentistry, so we can provide care before problems can develop. To help start children on the right path, we offer “Happy Visits.” These fun, easy, non-threatening visits help kids prepare for future dental work. Our family dentistry team will give a playful tour of dental tools, including “Mr. Thirsty,” the suction device, laying the groundwork for a life-long relationship with dental health. 

Call our Dracut family dentistry practice at 978-957-1811 to schedule a free Happy Visit for kids three and under! 

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is essential for overall dental health. That’s why regular cleanings are the cornerstone of our general dentistry services. We recommend coming to our Dracut practice every six months for routine cleanings, in addition to a regular oral hygiene routine at home.

Our gentle techniques clean plaque off teeth, helping to prevent decay and other dental health issues before they start. Another benefit to regular cleaning visits is that they allow us to check on the overall condition of your oral health. Part of preventative dentistry is spotting problems while they’re still minor and easy to address. 

Has it been more than six months since your last cleaning? Call us at 978-957-1811 to make an appointment now. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer claims tens of thousands of lives each year, which is why we offer oral cancer screenings at each checkup. Early detection of oral cancer is essential to obtaining good treatment outcomes.

The VELscope Oral Assessment System

We use the VELscope system, a handheld tool that illuminates abnormalities that might otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. This exam is painless and straightforward, taking less than one minute. 

Saliva Testing

Another tool we utilize is saliva testing, which can screen for periodontal disease or certain HPV-related oral cancers.

Prevention of Oral Health Issues

Cavity Prevention

Tooth decay is the single most common dental issue there is. That’s why treating cavities is a mainstay of general dentistry. But our focus on preventative dentistry means we’d rather keep cavities from developing. 

While regular cleanings and home hygiene routines go a long way, sometimes extra help preventing cavities is necessary, especially for children. We can apply a dental sealant that will help prevent eighty percent of cavities for up to two years. 

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are always performed with your overall health in mind. When a tooth is injured, we explore all treatment options. But when damage is severe, an extraction may be the best way to prevent further damage or infection.

Root Canals

Root canals have an undeserved bad reputation. Although hearing you need a root canal may seem scary, it’s a routine procedure at Future of Dentistry. 

A root canal is necessary when decay, bacteria, or infection have damaged the inside of the tooth. The procedure cleans damage from the inside of the tooth before applying a temporary filling to protect it from further damage. Finally, a crown may be placed over the tooth to protect it. 

Mouth Guards for Damage Prevention

When engaging in high-impact sports, your teeth can take a lot of damage. Not only that, but concussions and traumatic brain injuries are also common in sports. 

To help prevent these injuries, you need a customized mouthguard created by our preventative dentistry professionals. Call our Dracut practice at 978-957-1811 to make an appointment today!

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