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General and Preventative Dentistry in Chelmsford

Finding a general dentistry practice where you feel at home and comfortable when receiving regular preventative care is essential. By focusing on prevention, you can help avoid costly and unpleasant problems from developing. 

General Dentistry Services

Our general dentistry practice is invested in both your oral health and your overall health and wellbeing. Through regular visits, we will do our best to negate problems from developing, and we will diagnose and treat problems if they do arise. 

General dentistry includes many of the procedures you associate with going to the dentist, such as dental exams and cleanings, fillings and cracked tooth repair, root canals, and even cosmetic procedures. 

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Family Dentistry

At our Chelmsford practice, we’re proud to serve your entire family. And we want to make sure that children get used to maintaining their dental health from an early age. To help make that possible, we’ve created “Happy Visits” that allow kids to get used to visiting our office. When children come for a Happy Visit, our family dentistry team can give them a tour of the whole office, including common dental tools, so they can feel comfortable in our space before they require any treatment. 

We’re so excited to offer Happy Visits that they’re free for kids three and under! Call our Chelmsford family dentistry practice at 978-970-2089 to schedule now. 

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is essential to dental health. That’s why we recommend visiting our Chelmsford practice every six months for cleanings. 

Having a regular dental hygiene practice at home is a necessary part of taking care of your teeth. However, professional dental cleanings are the only way to remove tartar from your teeth. 

Making regular visits to our office also allows us to regularly assess your overall dental health. This helps establish a baseline so we can notice when anything out of the ordinary is occurring. It also helps ensure that we can identify problems while they’re still in the early stages, leading to better treatment outcomes. 

If it has been more than six months since your last cleaning, call us at 978-970-2089 to make an appointment now. 

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of our dedication to your overall health, we include oral cancer screenings in all of our exams. Our dentists will perform a visual exam and use specialized diagnostic tools. 

The VELscope Oral Assessment System

We’re committed to using state-of-the-art technology to provide you with high-quality dental care. One of the tools we use is the VELscope Oral Assessment system. The VELscope helps us visualize any abnormalities that are present, and it’s completely painless. 

Saliva Testing

Another tool we use to identify abnormalities that can’t be seen through visual inspection is saliva testing. With this diagnostic tool, we’re able to identify the periodontal disease and some HPV-related oral cancers.

Prevention of Oral Health Issues

Cavity Prevention

Fillings may be considered a regular part of life, but we’d rather prevent cavities before they occur. Regular cleanings at our office will help keep your teeth in good shape, and we’ll also help you develop a home hygiene routine that’s suitable to your personal needs. 

Tooth Extractions

A problem tooth can create trouble for the whole mouth. From spreading decay and infection to causing discomfort and pain, sometimes a tooth extraction is the right choice for immediate relief. 

Root Canals

Fillings help repair damage to the outside of the tooth, and root canals help repair damage to the inside. 

When decay or infection has spread to the tooth’s pulp, that’s when we need to perform a root canal to clear away bacteria and infection, stopping them from spreading further. 

Mouth Guards for Damage Prevention

Most sports come with equipment made to keep you safe. From helmets to knee pads, the most vulnerable parts of the body are offered protection. But some sports come with less obvious risks, too. Not only can teeth be damaged, but some sports come with the risk of concussions and brain injuries. Just as important as a helmet, a custom-made mouthguard can help reduce the risk of these injuries.  

Call our Chelmsford practice at 978-970-2089 to make an appointment today!

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