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Gum Disease Treatment in Chelmsford

Periodontal Disease

We provide exceptional periodontal disease treatment. Periodontal disease (sometimes called gum disease or periodontitis) is an infection affecting the bone and tissues surrounding your teeth. Healthy gums are “tight” and pink in color; whereas infected gums turn red, become spongy, and can sometimes cause your teeth to become loose. The disease is caused when bacteria (found in plaque) produces toxins and enzymes that irritate the gums, causing infection and inflammation. Surprisingly, this rarely causes pain.

What most people don’t know is that periodontal disease can be life-threatening. According to the American Dental Association, periodontal (gum), disease has been linked to heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, premature births, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Common symptoms of periodontal disease include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Dark build-up between teeth
  • Bleeding gums when you floss
  • Constant bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Decaying teeth

While it is possible for you to detect these signs on your own, usually people who have gum disease don’t know it. For instance, most people just ignore bleeding gums when flossing, but this can actually be a sign of periodontal disease.

Gum Disease Treatment In Massachusetts

We assess the severity of your condition accurately by using a periodontal probe to measure pocket depth. A healthy pocket (around every tooth) is typically 3mm deep or less. The greater the pocket depth, the more severe your periodontal disease. The resulting condition is a deeper and deeper pocket. What ensues is a progressive breakdown of the tissue and bone.

In order to determine the best way to combat the bacteria that are causing gum disease for a specific patient is to determine what bacteria are actually present. We work with partners like OralDNA and Temple University for in-depth microbial testing to look for the root cause of the disease so we can find a permanent solution.

We are fully aware that the daily treatment and removal of oral bacteria and plaque are both key strategies for maintaining a healthy mouth. That is why our Massachusetts dentists supply you and your family with proven solutions to combat periodontal disease.

  • We treat periodontal disease based on its severity. If you have gingivitis (the early phase of periodontal disease), we typically perform a routine cleaning (sometimes it takes 2 visits to clear up this infection), and we recommend changes to your at-home oral care.
  • If the disease progresses to cause deeper pockets, we must conduct a soft-tissue management program or gum therapy. We use hand scaling techniques and an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar, plaque, and bacteria underneath your gums, and often use a tissue laser to improve unhealthy gum tissue.

After the treatment is completed, we will have you return in 6 weeks for a follow-up visit. At this time, we check your periodontal pockets again and go over any further home care instructions we may have for you.

Once you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, you will always potentially have it. The bacteria that cause this damage will attempt to “recolonize” in about 90 days. This is why we recommend effective at-home oral care and a 3-month maintenance appointment during which we will provide a more thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums.

The American Academy of Periodontology indicates that 3 of 4 Americans have some form of periodontal disease. We do not want you or your family to join this outrageous statistic.

We have five convenient locations in Wakefield (781-245-2299), Dracut (978-957-1811), Billerica (978-663-4303), North Andover (978-685-8313) and Chelmsford (978-970-2089). Please give us a call and experience the difference.

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monica hengmonica heng
23:35 27 Sep 23
I’d recommend FOD to anyone! Everyone in the office from the front desk girls, to my hygienist Megan to Dr. Nguyen were all so great! Very welcoming staff and atmosphere. They took their time and listened to all my concerns. I know going to the dentist can make anyone anxious but they will all make you feel so comfortable!
Lorna LagatLorna Lagat
23:19 26 Jul 23
Julia FrevoldJulia Frevold
00:15 08 Jun 23
Dr Dan is an awesome dentist and very gentle. He saw me the day I called with an emergency issue. His staff are caring and supportive also!! I’ll recommend him to everyone!!
deb harlessdeb harless
00:30 25 May 23
My experience today with Future of Dentistry staff and Doctor Danny , was a five star . Felt as relaxed as if I were meeting with friends . I am totally a nervous wreck when I have to go to the dentist , but I really felt relaxed here .I am looking forward to going back , and that in itself is a miracle !!Thank you all for making me feel so special !Deb Harless
Lydia SabbatelliLydia Sabbatelli
19:44 05 May 23
Russell CampbellRussell Campbell
23:46 22 Apr 23
Another great Experience 👍 Thank you all Team of Dr Dan 😀 👍
David AubinDavid Aubin
00:54 21 Apr 23
Went here for a consultation about a root canal as old dentist said to get one. Dr Nguyen was amazing, kind and incredibly knowledgeable! He fixed the old dentists failed cavity filling which allowed me to skip getting a root canal. I'm a happy new client now! Thank you Dr Nguyen!
marissa barrymarissa barry
22:33 26 Jan 23
The staff here is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly. I had a great experience with both my cleaning and my filling. They did an amazing job with my kids, too!
E johnE john
23:55 28 Dec 22
I had my teeth cleaned, I chatted with alycia for a few minutes. Then Megan cleaned my teeth, super personable. Then the charming Dr. Nguyen is wonderful as well. Love the place!
Walter ReedyWalter Reedy
21:18 24 Nov 22
Clean, great staff, doctor explained everything clearly, financial person said she would send me all the information
Nisrene Rene BizzottoNisrene Rene Bizzotto
18:31 10 Nov 22
They’re great! Knowledgeable, accommodating, professional and great customer service!
Jess AdamsJess Adams
20:48 29 Jun 22
I have severe dental anxiety but the dentist at Future of Dentistry made me feel at ease! Very knowledgeable and patient. Definitely would recommend!
Susan YanSusan Yan
13:50 23 Jan 22
Kathie, a new hygienist, was very nice and she did very thorough teeth cleaning for me. The healthy teeth is important to me. Her work met my expectations.
Jane CoffeyJane Coffey
22:20 22 Dec 21
Thank you Sara for a very pleasant and thorough cleaning appointment. Dr. Tony did a great job on a crown today. So happy to have found a wonderful dental practice.
Nick BNick B
10:06 26 Aug 21
I am a ling time customer of the previous owner of this location. I am very comfortable with the care that I'm receiving here. Very knowledgeable staff and a nice setting. I hope to do 25+ years here too!
Jeffrey WongJeffrey Wong
00:03 08 Jul 21
The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job with my teeth cleaning and showed me how to better focus my brushing habits to improve my gum health.
Travis BrinsonTravis Brinson
14:15 25 Mar 21
Loved this place. The staff is wonderful and my teeth feel amazing. Kelly at the front desk was so helpful. Will come back.
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